Cherry-Picking Evidence Of The Financial Crisis

25 11 2008

We’ve all heard about Bush “cherry-picking” evidence so he could attack Iraq, be called a lying war-monger, and ultimately obliterate his own legacy.  I’d be thrilled to see the mainstream press publish some articles on politicians who are a little too excited to impose socialist stimulus plans.  I know.  Fat chance.

Is it wrong to think Obama, given his Alinsky training of “rubbing raw resentments of the people,” isn’t exactly devastated at the current state of economic collapse?  Come to think of it, is there a politician who could be more thrilled with the opportunity it provides?

Ok, so trying to be fair…If Bush was excited about 9/11 because he could line the pockets of his military-industrial buddies, and smash Hussein (Saddam) in the face.  Then what is Obama excited about?


Mission F^*#!n& Accomplished

22 11 2008

Why am I stepping in this possible pitfall?  Because Michael Yon says so.  No one in the world has provided more honest, insightful commentary on the Iraq Theatre of the War on Terror.  He says it’s done.  I’m on board with a bunch of other blogs thanks to Zombie’s organizing.

As I’ve said for years, I’d really like to see a massive referendum in Iraq which asks the Iraqis, “Should the United States and Coalition forces leave immediately or stay until the job is done?”  No matter how they vote, we could declare victory and throw a huge party back home for the nation’s finest.  If they say we should stay, it’s hard for liberals to cry about us “occupying against their will.”  If they say we should go, they voted it that way and it’s obviously secure enough for them to travel to the polls and say so, giving us the victory.

I remember the victory party with the yellow ribbons for the Persian Gulf War.  I had a neighbor who was a doctor in the Army and the entire block gathered for his return.  I guess people really loved Kuwaitis back then and relatively easy wars that weren’t “for oil.”

So, because Bush and the MSM won’t talk about the 500 metic tons of yellowcake we removed from Iraq or the countless Iraqi warehouses filled with secret files about WMDs, or unearthed Al Qaeda/Hussein (Saddam) ties; Because they certainly won’t throw the troops the party they deserve while propagandizing against our enemies, I will-and some day President Obama will claim credit for the victory under his term as well.

Thank you to all of our brave and triumphant servicemen!!!  May Iraq’s future be blessed as they join other free nations in the pursuit of truth, freedom and prosperity.