Palestinian Protesters Make SF Look Like 3rd World Dump

4 01 2009

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As you notice the fashionable “peace scarves,” consider that the Muslim Brotherhood has now called for “maximum Jihad” and that a local Somali friend just told me that he knows of Minneapolis Somalis headed to, “Palestine” to meet their maker.


Taxpayers Fund Clean Up Of Somali Bomber. Fetch Remains For Funeral At MN Cemetary

10 12 2008

The only person at the “traditional” funeral with enough courage to discuss the issue, was a community activist who, waxed liberal when he lamented that the homicide bomber was, “a victim, not a criminal.”

Reported earlier: Popular Twin Cities Barber Blows Up In Somalia.

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Popular Twin Cities Barber Blows Up In Somalia!

26 11 2008

Entire Somali clans and communities have been brought to Minnesota over the past decade.  In general, our experience with the Somali community has been quite positive. But we are concerned that not an ounce of Americanization has been provided to them because of…you guessed it, Liberalism!  Apparently many of them are vanishing from Minneapolis and are returning to their homeland to wage the MFing Jihad.

It should be noted that Al-Qaeda has deep roots in Somalia.

We really hope our immigration people are doing a good job checking out new Minnesotans.

Also, if any readers know what the frequently seen bumper sticker, “Somalia 2020. Count me in” means, let us know!

Somali Pirates Paid 1.1Million To Release Ship. Steal More Expensive Version; Really Enjoy This Game!

19 11 2008

Babies throw food and toys on the ground sometimes.  When you pick it up and give it back to them, they usually throw it again.  Most humans will only fall for this once.  Right?!

Such is the world we live in, where illogic reigns.  Dismissal of natural law seems to be the norm.  And so, the world, in it’s current state of technological wonder, somehow cannot defeat PIRATES!!!  I mean, I get that the Pirates have a Navy; but do they have an Air Force?  Can we not turn the heat up in Eyl, Somalia, to 25,000 degrees?  Anyways, now they’ve got themselves and the ummah an oil supertanker!  What will they take next and where arrrrrrrrrgh the copycat pirates?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and blame liberalism.  Not just for the fun of it and because it’s so obviously true, but because more and more of these repercussions of the denial of natural law (eg. animals responding to incentives & punishments) are occurring.  Liberalism often relies on a paradigm shift away from common knowledge of normal life experience, in order to stay a relevant, incubate new voters, and in general, not be conservatism.  Eventually, most of their well-intended ideas blow up in our faces.  I thought they’d be the first to know, nature has a way of prevailing.

Well, the pirates seem to get the game.  And I doubt they think men and women are identically the same.

Please indulge in the coverage.  Especially the strange case of the Somali pirates who boosted an Iranian ship and died from what appeared to be radiation sickness.

And see THIS fantastic piece for America’s history with Muslim Pirates…”From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli.

UPDATE: If you can wade through the standard, “blame America for overthrowing the Islamic rule in Somalia and creating a vacuum of poverty and chaos which caused all this,” then you should read the rest of this article detailing another seized ship.  The gist:

“The hijack, the seventh in 12 days, took place near the Yemeni coast, underscoring the new tactic of evading foreign warships by simply sailing beyond their area of operation.  Operations undertaken by the coalition fleet are fraught with legal difficulties, ranging from restrictive rules of engagement to rights of habeas corpus, as the British Navy discovered…There is a knock-on effect for consumers in this,” said Clive Washbourn, head of the marine division at Beazley, the specialist Lloyd’s insurer.  “If the amount of attacks and ransoms increases then insurance rates will have to rise. Ship owners will always pass on additional costs to the companies charting ships. They, in turn, will pass costs on to consumers.”

So, since they take Iranian ships and pretty much everyone else’s too, is there a way out of this that might allow for some cooperation with other nations…other than under the UN?  Can we somehow orchestrate so they keep messing with Iran?

UPDATE: India sinks Somalian Pirateship!

Estelle and Kanye West “American Boy”

8 11 2008

Lot’s of people ponder what their favorite part of America is.  Of course I don’t mean “part” as in, New York City, The Grand Canyon, or Wrigley Field.  Nor do I mean, Baseball, Apple Pie, or the Fourth of July.  I’m talking about the part that makes us most proud.  The part that makes us unique and elevates us above all other nations in the history of the world.  In this globalized, multicultural world, lots of people take offense to the notion of American Exceptionalism.  They’ll go to the length of saying the Tutu tribe is equal to American Culture, for who are we to judge, they seem happy.  Often times, those people are mired in moral relativism and they refuse to admit that sometimes, things aren’t equal.

I’ve got an answer that has been approved by the local Somalian Community…At least my Somalian friends and acquaintances, that is…I helped earn America a rousing cheer last fourth of July when I stood up at a party, and stood up for America and said this: “My favorite part of America is that anyone can be a Nationalist without automatically being an ethnicist (sic) or racist.  Compare this to all other nations (okay, except Canada) where strong nationalist feelings inherently suggest a eugenics type reason for alleged national superiority.  We all can describe certain, likely, physical appearances of folks from different countries from Italy to China to Nigeria to Mexico.  If I moved to Somalia and lived there for 20years, built schools and became a pillar of the community, could I ever be a Somalian?  Examine the reverse.  All any immigrant in America really needs to do to be considered a fellow American, is to announce, “I am an American.”  Lastly, if you had no accent, and you called someone on the phone in Russia (for example) and you told them, “I am an American,” would they have ANY CLUE as to what you might look like?”

This was the point that I will likely remember forever.  More than a dozen people from all different walks of life stood up and cheers’d America.  I fought back tears and continued to enjoy America’s birthday for a few more hours until the sun came up.

So…What does this have to do with the song, “American Boy?” It’s important to note that Estelle is British and she dreams of an “American Boy to take her on a trip someday to New York, LA, MIA, Broadway, San Francisco Bay.”  But notice that she doesn’t dream of jet-setting with an, “Arab American Boy” or an “Asian American Boy” or any other hyphenated American name that Theodore Roosevelt warned against.  From outside America, we are all Americans.  It’s time for those of us on the inside, to start acting like it.  But will Liberalism allow it?