Wonder Woman Deploys Transformers At “Middle-America Super Bible-Beaters”

9 06 2009

I’m not a stalker and I’m not violent.

But ever since I saw Megan Fox, I’ve wanted to hunt her down and club her like a cavewoman.

Let me clarify.

I don’t really want to club her like a cavewoman…that sounds misogynistic and weird.  What I mean is I want to club her like a caveman who bonked sexy cavewomen over the head and dragged them by the hair back to their caves.

Seriously, where the f*** does she get off looking like that?

Anyways, she’s said some pretty interesting things lately like wanting to strangle a mountain-ox with her bare hands because certain women were so darned appealing to her…

This is good for at least two reasons and especially because, I’m guessing she’ll totally understand the good-natured club to the dome.

Fox, a tolerant Tennessee girl went after you throwback conservatives and judging by her comment, it’s almost like she’s asking for it!

Newsbusters has the dish:

When asked how she would stop the ruthless Megatron from demolishing the world, Fox first said that she would “barter with him.” She then, however, went on to say, “… and instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

Ugh.  You can try to make me hate you Megan, but it’s gonna take a lot more than that.





I’m not sure about that zombie in the background, but Egotastic.com has tons of Megan Fox photos if you can stand it.


The First Ever Christmas Celebration In Baghdad

25 12 2008


Weird, we’ve heard Hussein (Saddam), was a peaceful secular type!  Why would this be the first Christmas there?

While most of the corporate media ignored it, CNN touted the first Christmas celebration in Baghdad like they were the ones who provided it.  Moments later, they likely called American soldiers “war criminals,” and berated Bush and General “Betray-us” for their childish dreams of, “spreading of Democracy and peace to the Arab world.”

Interior Ministry spokesman Major-General Abdul Karim Khalaf, greeted CNN reporters with a big smile. “All Iraqis are Christian today!” he says.

The Christmas celebration has tables loaded with cookies and cakes. Families fill plates and chat in the warm winter sun. Santa balloons hang from trees. An artist uses oil paint to create a portrait of Jesus.

In the middle of the park there’s an art exhibit, the creation of 11- and 12-year-olds: six displays, each about three feet wide, constructed of cardboard and Styrofoam, filled with tiny dolls dressed like ordinary people, along with model soldiers and police. They look like model movie sets depicting everyday life in Baghdad.

Afnan, 12 years old, shows me her model called “Arresting the Terrorists.”

“These are the terrorists,” she tells me. “They were trying to blow up the school.” In the middle of the street a dead “terrorist” sprawls on the asphalt, his bloody arm torn from his body by an explosion. Afnan tells me she used red nail polish to paint the blood. A little plastic dog stands nearby. “What is he doing?” I ask. “He looks for terrorists and searches for weapons and explosives,” Afnan says.

Her mother, the children’s art teacher, Raja, shows me another child’s display called “Baghdad Today.”

“This is a wedding,” Raja explains. “Despite the terrorism, our celebrations still go ahead. This is a park, families enjoying time. And this is a market where people go shopping without fear of bombings. This is a mosque where people can pray with no fear.”

In the middle is a black mound that looks like a body bag. Policemen and Interior Ministry forces surround it. “This is terrorism,” she tells me. “We killed it and destroyed it, and our lives went back to normal.”


UPDATE: Iraq has made Christmas a national holiday.  Next thing you know they’ll be pissing off liberals with their Christian religiosity.  Lord knows they don’t care about any other religion’s offenses.

Mystery Location Post Of The Day

13 12 2008

Where in the world is this happening?


Click here for the answer you lil cheaters.

Thomas Friedman Flips His Flat World Upside Down

3 12 2008

Someday we might look back at the weeks directly after the election and marvel at how Obama won the war in Iraq so quickly.  Thank goodness the blogs announced VI-Day.

Friedman bemoans the length of America’s occupation while disregarding Iraq’s own wishes to be occupied until 2011.  Denying this mitigating factor signals his blatant partisanship and forecasts his delusional whopper that; Obama will play tough-guy with the Iraqis better than Bush; and that if we stay longer, but not too long, Obama’s given genius will help a moderate Iraq take root and give Democrats credibility on national security.  And liberals think conservatives take enormous leaps of logic and faith!

Obama is inheriting an Iraq where we have to begin drawing down our troops — because the occupation has gone on too long and because we have now committed to do so by treaty — but it is also an Iraq that has the potential to eventually tilt the Arab-Muslim world in a different direction.

I’m sure that Obama, whatever he said during the campaign, will play this smart. He has to avoid giving Iraqi leaders the feeling that Bush did — that he’ll wait forever for them to sort out their politics — while also not suggesting that he is leaving tomorrow, so they all start stockpiling weapons.

If he can pull this off, and help that decent Iraq take root, Obama and the Democrats could not only end the Iraq war but salvage something positive from it. Nothing would do more to enhance the Democratic Party’s national security credentials than that.


What else should we expect from a newspaper that’s done more to undermine the War in Iraq America than any other, outside of al-jazeera?  Even still, very disappointing stuff from such an esteemed fellow like Thomas Friedman.

Here’s a “reporter’ for NYT at his best, in field.

Mission F^*#!n& Accomplished

22 11 2008

Why am I stepping in this possible pitfall?  Because Michael Yon says so.  No one in the world has provided more honest, insightful commentary on the Iraq Theatre of the War on Terror.  He says it’s done.  I’m on board with a bunch of other blogs thanks to Zombie’s organizing.

As I’ve said for years, I’d really like to see a massive referendum in Iraq which asks the Iraqis, “Should the United States and Coalition forces leave immediately or stay until the job is done?”  No matter how they vote, we could declare victory and throw a huge party back home for the nation’s finest.  If they say we should stay, it’s hard for liberals to cry about us “occupying against their will.”  If they say we should go, they voted it that way and it’s obviously secure enough for them to travel to the polls and say so, giving us the victory.

I remember the victory party with the yellow ribbons for the Persian Gulf War.  I had a neighbor who was a doctor in the Army and the entire block gathered for his return.  I guess people really loved Kuwaitis back then and relatively easy wars that weren’t “for oil.”

So, because Bush and the MSM won’t talk about the 500 metic tons of yellowcake we removed from Iraq or the countless Iraqi warehouses filled with secret files about WMDs, or unearthed Al Qaeda/Hussein (Saddam) ties; Because they certainly won’t throw the troops the party they deserve while propagandizing against our enemies, I will-and some day President Obama will claim credit for the victory under his term as well.

Thank you to all of our brave and triumphant servicemen!!!  May Iraq’s future be blessed as they join other free nations in the pursuit of truth, freedom and prosperity.