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26 03 2009

Last week we payed homage to PETA’s “sea kittens” when the now discontinued, “enemy combatants,” were redubbed, “undocumented malcontents.”

Well, once again liberalism has out-done us in trying its best to render  “The Onion’s” and OOTB’s political satire, mundane and believable.

Because they’ve insisted that our identity is racist at worst, and judgmental and insensitive at best, liberals have made our language (and culture) mean nothing.

When our language has no meaning, it can be molded to perform political tasks.

And so it is.

For instance, the “War on Terror” should now be referred to as, “Overseas Contingency Operation”

Charles at LGF explains because we’re not kidding…that’s really what BHO wants to call it:

I’m really not sorry to see the phrase “War on Terror” being retired by the Pentagon; it’s always seemed like a complete misnomer. You don’t fight a war against a tactic, you fight against people with an ideology. This battle would have been much better described as the “War on Militant Islam,” but our government is too hobbled by political correctness to ever be that direct and truthful.

Suddenly, “undocumented malcontents” seems like a reasonable suggestion.

Here’s some more leftist attempts to destroy the fabric of our society, from the past week or so:

Stop laughing. We’re still not kidding. And there’s more:

*This should come as no surprise since the California state senate passed a bill in 2006 which banned the words, “mom and dad” from school textbooks, so as not to “reflect adversely on anyone based on sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender.”

Hey it may be the land of confusion but, at least the President isn’t a walking identity crisis in an empty suit who purposefully sends mixed messages to all comers so they can project their beliefs unto him.

No…he knows exactly who he is on the inside.

obamainaugLink for the pic


If G-d Didn’t Want Us To Eat Animals, Why Are They Made Out Of Meat?

9 01 2009

PETA wants to call fish, “sea kittens,” in hopes that children will stop eating all that seafood that they’re so famous for loving.

The website, which you must check out, asks, “Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?”

Malkin has some hilarious readers who posit a few other changes to our diet.

My fellow sea kitten-eaters at Twitter share their new names for other favorite foods:

Pasture puppies: Steak.

Yard birdie parmesan: Chicken parmesan.

Tuna sea kitties. Tuna fish.

And another snort-worthy euphemism:

“Maybe we should rename rats tube puppies. Think how much nicer the NYC subways would be!”

I forget, is PETA liberal or conservative?




UPDATE: Colbert killed me when he joked that, “now that fish are called sea kittens, he’s really looking forward to devouring some delicious land fish.”