Mission F^*#!n& Accomplished

22 11 2008

Why am I stepping in this possible pitfall?  Because Michael Yon says so.  No one in the world has provided more honest, insightful commentary on the Iraq Theatre of the War on Terror.  He says it’s done.  I’m on board with a bunch of other blogs thanks to Zombie’s organizing.

As I’ve said for years, I’d really like to see a massive referendum in Iraq which asks the Iraqis, “Should the United States and Coalition forces leave immediately or stay until the job is done?”  No matter how they vote, we could declare victory and throw a huge party back home for the nation’s finest.  If they say we should stay, it’s hard for liberals to cry about us “occupying against their will.”  If they say we should go, they voted it that way and it’s obviously secure enough for them to travel to the polls and say so, giving us the victory.

I remember the victory party with the yellow ribbons for the Persian Gulf War.  I had a neighbor who was a doctor in the Army and the entire block gathered for his return.  I guess people really loved Kuwaitis back then and relatively easy wars that weren’t “for oil.”

So, because Bush and the MSM won’t talk about the 500 metic tons of yellowcake we removed from Iraq or the countless Iraqi warehouses filled with secret files about WMDs, or unearthed Al Qaeda/Hussein (Saddam) ties; Because they certainly won’t throw the troops the party they deserve while propagandizing against our enemies, I will-and some day President Obama will claim credit for the victory under his term as well.

Thank you to all of our brave and triumphant servicemen!!!  May Iraq’s future be blessed as they join other free nations in the pursuit of truth, freedom and prosperity.


Somali Pirates Paid 1.1Million To Release Ship. Steal More Expensive Version; Really Enjoy This Game!

19 11 2008

Babies throw food and toys on the ground sometimes.  When you pick it up and give it back to them, they usually throw it again.  Most humans will only fall for this once.  Right?!

Such is the world we live in, where illogic reigns.  Dismissal of natural law seems to be the norm.  And so, the world, in it’s current state of technological wonder, somehow cannot defeat PIRATES!!!  I mean, I get that the Pirates have a Navy; but do they have an Air Force?  Can we not turn the heat up in Eyl, Somalia, to 25,000 degrees?  Anyways, now they’ve got themselves and the ummah an oil supertanker!  What will they take next and where arrrrrrrrrgh the copycat pirates?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and blame liberalism.  Not just for the fun of it and because it’s so obviously true, but because more and more of these repercussions of the denial of natural law (eg. animals responding to incentives & punishments) are occurring.  Liberalism often relies on a paradigm shift away from common knowledge of normal life experience, in order to stay a relevant, incubate new voters, and in general, not be conservatism.  Eventually, most of their well-intended ideas blow up in our faces.  I thought they’d be the first to know, nature has a way of prevailing.

Well, the pirates seem to get the game.  And I doubt they think men and women are identically the same.

Please indulge in the atlasshrugs.com coverage.  Especially the strange case of the Somali pirates who boosted an Iranian ship and died from what appeared to be radiation sickness.

And see THIS fantastic piece for America’s history with Muslim Pirates…”From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli.

UPDATE: If you can wade through the standard, “blame America for overthrowing the Islamic rule in Somalia and creating a vacuum of poverty and chaos which caused all this,” then you should read the rest of this article detailing another seized ship.  The gist:

“The hijack, the seventh in 12 days, took place near the Yemeni coast, underscoring the new tactic of evading foreign warships by simply sailing beyond their area of operation.  Operations undertaken by the coalition fleet are fraught with legal difficulties, ranging from restrictive rules of engagement to rights of habeas corpus, as the British Navy discovered…There is a knock-on effect for consumers in this,” said Clive Washbourn, head of the marine division at Beazley, the specialist Lloyd’s insurer.  “If the amount of attacks and ransoms increases then insurance rates will have to rise. Ship owners will always pass on additional costs to the companies charting ships. They, in turn, will pass costs on to consumers.”

So, since they take Iranian ships and pretty much everyone else’s too, is there a way out of this that might allow for some cooperation with other nations…other than under the UN?  Can we somehow orchestrate so they keep messing with Iran?

UPDATE: India sinks Somalian Pirateship!