Karma’s A B**** But Ignorance Is Bliss.

10 06 2009


Guess which president was a cokehead who got a mysterious and undeserved/unsubstantiated ride through the Ivy League; is up to his ears in Saudi money and invokes Jesus more than Jenna Jamison in the middle of a shoot?

You already know don’t cha?

obama toker


Too bad lying-a$$, hypocrite liberals will never enjoy the irony.


Stan Lee Is Coming Out With A New Ssssuper Hero

15 01 2009


No, not the new edition of Spider-man.


Not this guy in blue tights either…

A new gay super hero, named Thom Creed.

It’s about a mysterious basketball playing, Hawaiian high-school student, who has a big secret to go with his murky past.

His special powers of entrancing billions of naive idiots and rising through the power structure without a single document in his record have not yet been revealed.

And NO!

I already told you Obama already has his own comic with Spidey.  This one isn’t about him!