Karma’s A B**** But Ignorance Is Bliss.

10 06 2009


Guess which president was a cokehead who got a mysterious and undeserved/unsubstantiated ride through the Ivy League; is up to his ears in Saudi money and invokes Jesus more than Jenna Jamison in the middle of a shoot?

You already know don’t cha?

obama toker


Too bad lying-a$$, hypocrite liberals will never enjoy the irony.


African Immigrants Biggest Winners In Affirmative Action

19 01 2009


Researchers found more than 40 percent of the Black student population at Ivy League colleges are of immigrant origin, despite comprising just 13 percent of the Black population overall.

Harvard University professors Lani Guinier and Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. noted that of the university’s 530 Black undergraduates in 2003-2004, only about 180 could claim a completely Black American heritage.

Naturally, Rev. Jesse Jackson, who wanted “to cut Obama’s nuts off” said, “Universities have to give weight to the African-American experience because that is for whom affirmative action was aimed in the first place. That intent must be honored.”

As the 2008 affirmative action election closes down and Barack Hussein Obama is inaugurated, we’re reminded we’re going to remind you of his foreign roots, and his purported (unreleased) academic excellence.  His own website declares he was a dual citizen until 1982. Let’s face it.  Even if all the conspiracy theorists are wrong, Obama is so worldly and so multicultural, he’s basically an immigrant anyways.

But, Obama didn’t have the hidden ingredient that helps so many African immigrants surpass “Black-Americans,” both parents in his life.

So what did he have?

Amazing grandparents who pitched in and maintained a solid family unit, even sending Barack to the top prep school in Hawaii.

Not exactly the typical urban-American experience.

Let’s hope the black community in America doesn’t throw Obama down the well like they did to Bill Cosby, when he tried to stress the importance of fathers…which hopefully Obama does soon.