Sunday Funnies: Why Didn’t Bush Just Think Of This?

5 04 2009

iran-on-facebookAt this point, you can easily see that Obama thinks the world is better off with a neutered America who sits as an equal partner at an international roundtable of sorts.

Lawyers have an obligation to be aggressive advocates for their clients as Obama surely knows.  However, since he’s been entirely drenched in Marxism and Leftism, he believes that embarrassing us, risking American lives, and ceding American independence, is simply part of the bitter medicine we must swallow down, to atone for past national transgressions and acquire a certain global homeostasis.

The modern liberal believes that America is the world’s greatest obstacle to justice and peace.  Meaning, an America that is not self-interested, will insure American’s lives will be bettered even if they sacrifice greatly and individually, because the greater good will be served.

Related:  Dick Morris declares April 2nd 2009, the day American Independence died as Obama turns over our economy to international bodies.


VDH: “An Honest Campaign Speech Would Have Gone Like This:”

16 03 2009

”As we approach Election Day, the American people should not waste the crisis we find ourselves in.

“Consequently, if elected, I promise to get us over the Bush financial meltdown with a stimulus program that will borrow $787 billion – which, of course, will add to the already sizable budget deficit (nearly $500 billion) projected in the Bush administration’s last budget.

“By March of next year, my new $3.6 trillion budget will include a spending bill with more than 8,500 budget earmarks to target in-need constituents.

“In addition to the stimulus/borrowing plan, I intend to devote $634 billion to fund a new supplementary national health-care system. But that is not all. Unfortunately, the initial Bush bank bailout of some $700 billion also may well have to be augmented by an additional $750 billion.

“Although my new spending proposals may raise the federal deficit in my first year to $1.75 trillion, I promise the American people that by the end of my first term, I will halve the federal deficit – albeit adding another $3 trillion to $5 trillion to the national debt.

”Those savings can be accomplished by upping the federal income tax to about 40 percent on those rich 5 percent of Americans who currently pay only 60 percent of our aggregate income taxes – as well as lifting Social Security caps on their payroll taxes and cutting out many of their tax deductions.

”With state income taxes, federal income tax, Social Security and payroll taxes, along with new cutbacks in deductions, some of these rich will pay over 60 percent of their incomes in taxes. That is not an unreasonable rate in comparison with past levels – or the fact that well over 40 percent of Americans do not make enough to pay any federal income taxes.

“I expect that Wall Street may react negatively to these proposals. We may see the Dow fall an additional 2,000 to 3,000 points after I’m elected. It may descend to under 7,000 during my first weeks of office. And this may be the moment when the economy continues to cool and unemployment rises.

”But to deal with this reaction of entrenched interests, I promise a fresh team of hard-nosed American professionals – understanding that it is impossible to appoint some without past insider connections and occasional tax problems.

”From the former Clinton administration, I will select Rahm Emanuel to run my staff. To oversee revenue, Timothy Geithner will assemble a large team at Treasury. Sen. Clinton herself will run state, and I will anchor my Cabinet with pros like Tom Daschle, Eric Holder, Bill Richardson and Hilda Solis.

”On matters of protecting civil liberties, I assure the American people that I have examined the Patriot Act, the FISA accords and renditions – and I have discovered that they, in fact, do not shred our Constitution. I will, however, shut down Guantanamo Bay – but must keep it open another year and appoint a task force to study the issue.

“Our new direction in energy policy will center on cap-and-trade initiatives that promote wind and solar power. While we won’t rule out oil, gas, coal and nuclear development, problems with greenhouse gas emissions and nuclear waste mean that these ossified 20th-century industries – including new offshore drilling development – must be discouraged and further taxed or regulated to subsidize our green future.

“Abroad, I promise to give America a new image. My first television interview will be with al Arabiya. Due both to new initiatives and my unique background, I can reassure them that no longer will the United States alienate the Muslim world. Our aim is to return to stable and friendly relations with the Middle East characteristic of 20 to 30 years ago.

“Indeed, on matters in the Middle East, I will bring back my suspended adviser Samantha Power. I look forward to her input, along with that of Charles Freeman, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and critic of Israel, as head of the National Intelligence Council, to craft new directions in the region

“We expect to open new dialogues with Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran without preconditions. And to further the cause of peace in the Middle East, the United States will pledge almost $1 billion to help rebuild the Gaza strip that is governed by Hamas.”

Now all that would have been hope and change that we could have voted on.

Weird…if Obama’s a new type of politician, why didn’t he just say this stuff at the time?


Will Liberals Trot Out The, “Prez Is A LIAR” Meme?

17 02 2009

2minutes of straight up lies.

Sweetness & Light sums it up:

7 Broken promises in record time

1. Make government open and transparent.

2. Make it “impossible” for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects.

3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. (Even Congressional Republicans shut out.)

4. No more secrecy.

5. Public will have 5 days to look at a bill.

6. You’ll know what’s in it.

7. We will put every pork barrel project online.

Thanks Obambi for the original vid link

Tigerhawk’s column, “transparent as mud” has more,

Not one member of Congress has read the monstrous stimulus bill that just passed. How could they have? The Democrats allowed only 24 hours to elapse between the conference deal and the final vote.

UPDATE: Lots of places are highlighting the “anti-porkulus” protests that are springing up all around the nation. Thank G-d…that actually provides some hope.

shrug1Atlas has more, and points to the highly questionable, “” and their article about 21 states claiming sovereignty

check it out

David Horowitz: Birth Certificate Challengers Radically Assaulting Constitution

8 12 2008

A very interesting article by a man I usually agree with, suggests that the Obama lawsuits at the SCOTUS endanger our constitution by threatening to usurp the democratic votes of 120million people.  Moreover, that the questions about Obama’s birth certificate are fact based and not constitutionally based so, lawsuits “will not challenge the Constitution; they will challenge the interpretation of the Constitution which is different.”

This actually seems like a pretty coherent opinion and the threat of a constitutional crisis is certainly at hand.  But, what Horowitz is actually saying is that there is a giant loophole in our framework that we’re now powerless to solve.  He never addresses who’s job it is to verify rudimentary qualifications about a candidate, and he smears gutsy prosecutors as Constitutional destroyers, instead of the man who by many reports, hasn’t ever shown his real birth certificate.

Look, the media are supposed to be rock-ribbed patriots who get off on investigating politicians while balancing the power of a bureaucratic government, but they clearly failed their integral mission and all the lower courts have passed as well.  It seems this issue has no where to go but, to the Supreme Court.

For this reason alone, I really hope they pursue the issue so millions of concerned Americans can get some answers we’re satisfied with.

UPDATE: New Obama appointee, Bill Richardson is on tape calling Obama an immigrant in spanish.

UPDATE: Donofrio suit thrown out, also here at Malkin. And, Littlegreenfootballs notices the Horowitz article and gloats.

UPDATE: says:

So we are left with the follow irrefutable facts:
  • 1) When Barack Obama’s eligibility was challenged in court, rather than simply produce proof in the form of documentation subject to the rules of evidence, the campaign spent significant amounts of money to fight on procedural grounds. Perfectly legal, but not responsive to the question of his eligibility under the NBC clause.
  • 2) No other mechanism than court challenges seems to exist to test eligibility under the NBC clause.

That would seem to suggest that the natural born citizen is not a constitutional test, but really more of a suggestion.

For the moment, and probably in the end, that may be the most significant consequence of the entire case.