If You Know The Identities Or Whereabouts Of Anyone In These Pictures…

16 04 2009

Please call the authorities immediately and do not try to apprehend them.

They’re armed and dangerous.

Local authorities can not be trusted.

Only the Federal government should be notified.


A brave journalist journalism school grad attended the 2009 Saint Paul Tea Party.

He sent the following summary to the local fish-wrap factories (Star Tribune and Pioneer Press), but they didn’t run it because they didn’t want to be liable for any potential, ensuing, hate crimes and none of the female protesters had hairy armpits.

Here’s what he reported:

As most Americans were patriotically paying their taxes, the Minnesota State Capitol building, built for $4.5 million in 1905, hosted a swarm of Christian gun-owners, many of whom were vehemently anti-Obama, for unknown reasons.

teaparty-crowdcapThe rabble-rousing, anti-tax, legions were noticeably homogeneous, save for this proud, rainbow-flag waving onlooker, seen to the left of an irate, radical, misogynist, anti-abortion activist.

teaparty-rainbowflag1Throngs of these people came to the city from rural areas and were united by their fear of change and their Scandanavian, German and Irish roots.

teaparty-massIn a city that boasts fantastic immigrant populations, it’s clear that many could feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed as Old Glory was aggressively waved and nationalist cries of “USA! USA! USA!” echoed through the land like the morning call to prayer from a Muezzin in Damascus.

But in the end, none of these so-called, ‘Tea Parties’ rivaled the huge crowds we saw last fall, when the first African-American President rekindled the nation’s democratic spirit in his rise to the White House.


Sharia Loans In MN And Sharia Law In Somalia

3 03 2009

There’s no link though. It’s just a coincidence.

Somalia’s “moderate Islamist” leader, Sheikh Sharif agreed to bring Islamic Sharia law to Somalia in a recent truce with non-moderates.

I’m outraged and frightened for the remaining moderate political refugees in the Horn of Africa.  We Minnesotans need to rescue the entirety of the innocent population and bring them to the land of 10,000 lakes.  Immediately.

And in completely unrelated news, MPR has a story about Minnesota’s first Islamic loan applicants, a Somali family who, “just couldn’t go against their beliefs, (paying interest) even if it meant giving up their dream of owning a home.”

If you’re wondering how the Koran-ok’d loans work, they follow a common pattern of Islam.  Meaning they make little sense, don’t groove with our culture, and they demand brain contortions to be rationalized as proper behavior…

The deal is identical to a thirty-year fixed-rate loan, except there’s no additional interest, because the higher up front price factors in payments that would have been made over the life of a traditional mortgage.

UPDATE: Hot air is onto it.

UPDATE: Creeping Sharia points to Shariah Finance Watch.  A blog that states the IRS does indeed allow an interest deduction on tax returns of sharia compliant murabaha loans that supposedly do not charge interest. To do so, the bank issuing the sharia loan must provide a statement to the home owner detailing interest paid. The homeowner then reports it to the IRS (possibly on IRS Form 1098).

UPDATE: John at Powerline, picks up what I was putting down..

So the interest is included in the sale price and paid over time according to a standard amortization schedule, thereby allowing the home purchaser the fiction that he is not paying interest. What is striking to me is how easily this particular Koranic stricture can be rationalized and circumvented. No such painless solutions have been apparent in the controversies over handling of bacon by sales clerks, transporting of taxicab customers who are carrying alcohol, the need to leave assembly lines for periodic prayers, and so on. One wonders whether a different set of motives is at work in those cases.

Democracy In Action

12 01 2009

I was a good American today, well now it’s yesterday but still…I was good. Got my, “right to assemble” on for realz, though I must say some of my compatriots nearly violated the, “peaceful” contingent which merits the right.   And then I capped it off with some freedom of religion, freedom of speech and now I’m exhibiting a little freedom of the press…or something of the sort.

Unfortunately, much of the democracy I saw today yesterday was of the twisted sort that elected a terrorist, genocidal regime.

I went down to the Minneapolis J.C.C. to attend a rally for Israel, something I’ve never really done.  I have a lot of happy memories of that place from my teen years when I was involved with Jewish youth group leadership.

There was a good chance a few family members might be there too.  Now, explaining their support for Israel is a very tricky thing because they have to keep goose-stepping the liberal line.  But I am related to a few outgoing/activist-types and this wasn’t a march through downtown, uptown or dinkytown.  It was a poorly publicized, rally at a local Jewish community center, in the heart of the suburb of St. Louis Park, a city which is so well known for being a Jewish part of town, it’s called St. Jewish Park.

As a Jew who supports Israel and doesn’t have to twist my brain into pretzels to explain her rights while hating the most pro-Israel President ever, I knew I had to go.  The Jews I know who say they love Israel, still reflexively rely on moral relativism on all issues and strict adherence to their religion, Liberalism.  This religious devotion, or passion, must be preserved all at times, usually coming out in the form of:

I love Israel, BUT…

  • “It’s the poverty of Gaza that makes them hate life and love death”
  • “It’s dire and hopeless so they blow up at dance clubs”
  • “US aid to Israel is much higher, they have tanks and Palestinians have stones. “
  • “If America gave Palestine more equally, it would be better”
  • “Israel has been disproportionate aka, not numerically egalitarian, in their response”
  • “Palestinians living in desperate conditions aren’t all extremists, but what would you do?”
  • “Violence begets violence.  Israel has been extremely tough on them, and makes more terrorists when someone’s house is bombed”

Turns out, it’s a good thing my relatives didn’t infuse themselves in the realm of the Palestinians at this protest.  It could seriously have unraveled their whole psyches.

At this point, I’m going to, um interrupt…myself, and apologize for not bringing my camera, it’s totally unacceptable.  I just foolishly didn’t foresee the opposition.

It must be interesting from the Palestinian’s perspective to see Jews quietly and meekly filing into a building when they’ve built them up to be maniacal war criminals.  I was one of a few, if not the only, pro-Israel person who went anywhere near them.  It’s nerve-racking to consider what their mood might have been if a few more people had engaged them.  They were already chanting racist slurs and calling for genocide while ironically claiming the same is being done to them.  When Jews came and went, it was quiet and quick.  Eyes were diverted.  A few flashed peace signs.  Basically they said, “PLEASE DON’T F#(%*** HURT US.”

Jews are smart people.

Palestinians who had flooded the JCC’s parking lot, left to horns blaring, loud chanting, flag waiving and overall, warm toastiness.


How dare these people invoke the words, “holocaust” and “genocide?”

For goodness sakes, the UN doesn’t think Darfur is genocide.  And really, mustn’t one be an anti-Semite even if subconsciously, for rubbing German associations in Jews’ faces?  I mean come on!  It’s like so not even proportionate!

Lastly, and to disprove the viablity of those choice words…

While mingling at the get-together, I confirmed with several Palestinians (even some of the ones who chanted “kill all the Jews”) that Israel is:

  • A terror state
  • a vicious military power
  • capable of destroying the whole region with bombs
  • a racist nation against Arabs and Muslims
  • gleeful at the sight of dead Palestinian children
  • a rogue nation who does not care what the world thinks
  • willing to break International law and even uses nuclear bombs to attack Palestinians

Ok, so if Israel is those things, then why didn’t any partakers in liberty have an answer for me when I asked why there was a single living soul left in Gaza if Israelis are such genocidal murderers.

Some of them even told me how long they think it might take if Israel were to completely annihilate Palestinian territories.

About 4 minutes.


This is no genocide.

This is no holocaust.

Israel obviously tries to minimize civilian casualties at all expenses.

Palestinians and Muslim fighters the world over, try to maximize them.


On the way out, a few “human rights” protesters told me, “it’s coming.”

I wish I could have said, “we’re ready.”

MN Rep Ellison Goes To Hajj Where He “Forgets He’s An American”

12 12 2008

OutOfTheBlue lives in this pig’s district.

Last week we illustrated some of the anti-Americanism that headlined the Hajj. It hadn’t occurred to us that our own Representative was there soaking it all in.

Not from the Star Tribune, or any Minnesota corporate media outlet, but from Creeping Sharia via Atlas:

Ok – let’s get this straight. A U.S. congressman named Keith Ellison from Minnesota went to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to attend the annual stampede of millions of Muslims from around the world. At the hajj, on Mount Arafat, a Grand Mufti’s annual sermon placed blamed for the worlds economic crisis and recommended a solution (hint: sharia):

Saudi Arabia’s top cleric has used his annual sermon to Muslim pilgrims assembling for hajj to urge Muslim countries to renounce capitalism and form an Islamic economic bloc that adopts interest-free finance.

Grand Mufti Abdelaziz Al al-Sheikh told worshippers assembling on the plain of Mount Arafat that global economies now caught in crisis were suffering the result of using interest as a bedrock of their financial systems. Under Islamic law, or sharia, paying or receiving interest is forbidden.

As Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of the US Congress who performed Haj this week, told CNN, you forget who you are –- black or white and American or African — and where you come from when you are before God circling the Kaaba in a two-piece unstitched garment.

Who’s going to remind Keith X when he gets back to Minny that he’s an American again?

Think sharia finance is a joke?  It’s being taught at MIT and we already showed it’s invaded Britain.

Taxpayers Fund Clean Up Of Somali Bomber. Fetch Remains For Funeral At MN Cemetary

10 12 2008

The only person at the “traditional” funeral with enough courage to discuss the issue, was a community activist who, waxed liberal when he lamented that the homicide bomber was, “a victim, not a criminal.”

Reported earlier: Popular Twin Cities Barber Blows Up In Somalia.

More and good at Powerline

Popular Twin Cities Barber Blows Up In Somalia!

26 11 2008

Entire Somali clans and communities have been brought to Minnesota over the past decade.  In general, our experience with the Somali community has been quite positive. But we are concerned that not an ounce of Americanization has been provided to them because of…you guessed it, Liberalism!  Apparently many of them are vanishing from Minneapolis and are returning to their homeland to wage the MFing Jihad.

It should be noted that Al-Qaeda has deep roots in Somalia.

We really hope our immigration people are doing a good job checking out new Minnesotans.

Also, if any readers know what the frequently seen bumper sticker, “Somalia 2020. Count me in” means, let us know!