Will The Flu Last Long Enough To Bash Conservatives For It?

28 04 2009

I’m trying to get the jump on the most-likely-to-be used, liberal attempts to blame the Mexican Swine flu on America conservatives.

Here’s the OOTB Early Line:

  • American fat-asses drained the world of edible pork meat.
  • American corporations created an unfair market (think Walmart) on small farms across the world which only further eroded conditions on small farms.
  • American corporation’s pollution caused weak immune systems in pigs.
  • Wealthy Americans unaware of and partly responsible for destitute conditions nearby.
  • George Bush’s tough stance with Mexico shielded out health experts and community activists outreach directors from corresponding with Mexicans.
  • George Bush and other Christians politicized the scientists who wanted more anti-vaccines.
  • Republicans still don’t believe your grandfather was a monkey!
  • The republican American recession, hit Mexicans particularly hard because the amount of American dollars sent back to Mexico, by Mexicans in America was drastically reduced.
  • Illegal Immigration is racist, and this is no time to reevaluate some of the negative consequences it may or may not cause.   Look over there!
  • The Armed Forces could have been called to the border but they were all in Iraq.
  • America should have been more in-tune with Mexico’s socio-economic problems and lack of natural resources.
  • 46 million Americans do not have health care!!!


Reader submissions would be awesome.

UPDATE: Malkin already has a relevant post.


Judge Conducts Citizenship Oath Ceremony In Spanish

18 12 2008

Maybe the judge was just following this warped advice on how not to be “embarrassed.”

Jam Packed Volkswagen Beetle Escorting 21 Clowns Crashes On Way To Circus

16 11 2008

Ok, I need to clarify….”Clowns” = Undocumented Workers Illegal Immigrants and “Circus” = The United States of America, and I think the “Beetle” was really more like a “Coyote.”