Obama: “The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Sound, Not Strong.”

17 03 2009

Yesterday an old-style reporter asked Robert Gibbs about John McCain’s the White House’s new stance that, “the fundamentals of the economy are strong sound.”

Gibbs tried out his Obama-impression, but fell flat in the semantics game, when he insisted “strong” and “sound” are fundamentally different.

Someday, a wise-ass reporter might ask if Obama inherited a sound economy.

Recall, McCain was ahead of Obama at the time of the Lehman Brothers collapse and his untimely comments were used by smear merchants in the corporate media to show him as, “out of touch.”

How many houses does that guy have anyways?

This, along with his hasty support for the bailout (TARP), when Obama was merely, “there if we need him” proved to be the most pivotal moment of the campaign.

By the way, Obama is now fear-mongering on behalf of bailouts, and McCain’s pathetic ass is against them.

And shocker…BO’s numbers are stinking up the joint.


“Did somebody say joint?”

Flashback vids are here to bring you there.

Chris Matthews lampooned McCain for saying “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” 22 times.

The epitome of a politician, Barack Obama, ridiculed McCain for the statement and made this campaign ad during his adorable class warfare faze.

Flip to 57 seconds of MSNBC’s McCain bash to see Obama on 9/15/08 say, “we just woke up to financial disaster and this morning he (McCain) said, ‘the fundamentals of the economy are strong.’  Senator McCain, what economy are you talking about?”  Then, liar-in-chief says, “you all remember Phil Gramm, he’s the guy who said, ‘we’re just going through a mental recession’ and called the United States of America, a ‘nation of whiners.’ You can’t make this stuff up. It’s like a Saturday Night Live routine”

I always get a kick out of the crowd whining when Obama tells them they’ve been called whiners but hey, at least Gramm didn’t call us a “nation of cowards.”

Here’s Glenn Beck with a round-up.

Tigerhawk compliments Instapundit.

Glenn Reynolds makes a nifty, if somewhat lawyerly, point: If the economy is still fundamentally strong, what are the actual problems inherited by the Obama administration? That said, I much prefer the president talking it up than talking it down, and if it takes a little hypocrisy to make that happen I’m all for giving him a pass. The outrage, of course, is that so many in the media credulously parroted the Obama campaign’s talking points last fall. But even that is only the “usual” outrage.

Thanks Tigerhawk, back to Adam at OutOfTheBlu,

“Hawaiian born or not, this guy is a freaking fraud and the people who haven’t figured that out, are even worse.”


What Do Those Who, Sacrifice The Free Market To Save The Free Market, Deserve?

19 12 2008

The way Bush says he, “abandoned free market principles to save the free market” really is going to  send consumer confidence soaring!  Ugh.  Somebody tell the man.  The left will always hate him and the right is about to.

What’s next?  Sacrifice free speech to save free speech?  Go to war to find peace?  Kidding! That was for the liberals who are still reading this site.

For months I was concerned that Obama had never been away from Marxism, and Bush has done more for socialism in America than Sisqo did for thongs.

The fact is, when conservatives talk like that, the door is opened for liberals to ask, “if the free market is ultimately doomed and needs to be rescued by government intervention and socialism, then why not just admit socialism works better and get on with it?

It’s reminiscent of John McCain allowing Obama to pin the mortgage crisis on, “Republican deregulation” and it has allowed that lie, to become common “knowledge.”

If no Republicans will explain that these markets haven’t been free and that government management will only further deteriorate the situation, then they’re in on it.

Who is watching the watchers?

Joe The Plumber “Appalled” By Mccain

11 12 2008