Sunday Funnies: Why Didn’t Bush Just Think Of This?

5 04 2009

iran-on-facebookAt this point, you can easily see that Obama thinks the world is better off with a neutered America who sits as an equal partner at an international roundtable of sorts.

Lawyers have an obligation to be aggressive advocates for their clients as Obama surely knows.  However, since he’s been entirely drenched in Marxism and Leftism, he believes that embarrassing us, risking American lives, and ceding American independence, is simply part of the bitter medicine we must swallow down, to atone for past national transgressions and acquire a certain global homeostasis.

The modern liberal believes that America is the world’s greatest obstacle to justice and peace.  Meaning, an America that is not self-interested, will insure American’s lives will be bettered even if they sacrifice greatly and individually, because the greater good will be served.

Related:  Dick Morris declares April 2nd 2009, the day American Independence died as Obama turns over our economy to international bodies.