A Muslim So Moderate, You’ll Just Lose Your Head

17 02 2009

If you’re married to him…

Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan, founder and CEO of Bridges TV, an Islamist channel designed to present moderate Islam to diverse audiences, has been arrested for beheading his wife after she filed for divorce.  Hassan was given an award in 2007 by the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Imagine if he was a Televangelist!

Mark Steyn is on the cutting edge of the story in his latest piece, Headless Body in Gutless Press

When poor Mrs. Hassan’s husband launched his TV network to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims, he had no difficulty generating column inches, as far afield as The Columbus Dispatch, The Detroit Free Press, The San Jose Mercury NewsVariety, NBC News, the Voice of America, and the Canadian Press. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle put the couple on the front page under the headline “Infant TV Network Unveils The Face Of Muslim News”.

But, when Muzzammil Hassan kills his wife and “the face of Muslim news” is unveiled rather more literally, detached from her corpse at his TV studios, it’s all he can do to make the local press — page 26 of Newsday, plus The Buffalo News, and a very oddly angled piece in the usually gung-ho New York Post, “Buffalo Beheading: Money Woe Spurred Slay“.

aasiya_hassanHere’s the formerly happy couple…As you can see, they are the definition of “moderates.”

He only went slightly overboard from what the Quran told him to do…

Give him a Sharia court, and they’re likely to find him innocent.


Chris Brown Should Move To Turkey

13 02 2009

After makin’ my girl, Rihanna scream “SOS,” young Chris ain’t neva gonna get “No air” in this market again.

“Hold up” Chris.  I’m talking, and you better listen or you gonna get “Throwed.”  You caused some “Damageto someone I love.

Even if she makes you check into “Rehab,” people will remember you puttin’ your hands on her “Forever.”

I don’t know what else we can do “With you.”  So, “Kiss kiss” and “Say goodbye” now C. Breezy.

Yo, excuse me” Chris I’m sorry, but Turkey is perfect for you.  This new study shows 40% of Turkish wives have been physically or sexually abused by their hubbys.

There, you can just demand, “Gimme that.”  And you can freely warn your property, “I’m gonna take you down,” when your subjugated woman tries to tell you that Turkey is a modern Muslim nation.

There, the Quran recognizes that you, the man, is “Superhuman.”  Well, really it just says that women are subhuman, but who’s counting?

In Turkey, you can “Run it” while you bang they heads from “Wall to wall.

Anyways fam,

“Shut up and drive.”

Islamic Turkey awaits.

UPDATE: Doesn’t make it ok, but the new rumor is that, RiRi gave Breezy, Jay Z’s herpes

How many 10yr Old Girls Can YOU Marry?

14 01 2009

Now I know lots of you might think this is disgusting and so therefore, it must come from Mormonism, but anyone wanna guess which religion/culture brings this to us?


Here’s more hints:


YouTube – Clerics Sanction Sex with Infant Girls
(http://www.youtube.com/watch… ) Sorry, link removed by you know, evil Google.

Try this one instead.

Quotation from Ayatollah Khomeini:

“A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However he should not penetrate, sodomising the child is OK. If the man penetrates and damages the child then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girls sister.”

Islam permits marriage to girls as young as 9

Iraqi Expert on Islamic Law Calls to Allow Young Girls to Get Married: In Islamic Countries, Girls Get Their Periods at the Age of 8-10.

Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-‘Ubeidi: “There is no minimum marriage age for either men or women in Islamic law. The law in many countries permits girls to marry only from the age of 18. This is arbitrary legislation, not Islamic law. Why? Because there might be cases in which it is impossible to keep the girl [single] until the age of maturity.”

There is no argument on this point among Islamic authorities whether Shia or Sunni. They all agree that a Muslim man can have sex with baby girl.

(Quran 65.4) “If you divorce your (child) wife before she reaches menstruation age her idda is three months”.

Prophet Muhammad and pre-pubescent girls. See “thighing.”

Ibn Ishaq: Suhayli, 2.79: In the riwaya of Yunus Ibn Ishaq recorded that the apostle saw Ummu’l-Fadl hen she was baby crawling before him and said,’If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.'( p. 311)

Muhammad saw Um Habiba the daughter of Abbas while she was fatim (age of nursing) and he said, “If she grows up while I am still alive, I will marry her.” (Musnad Ahmad, Number 25636)


Prophet Muhammad fell in love with Baby Aisha when she was shown by Allah to him in his dreams when she still an infant.  He married her between the ages 6-8.

Bukhari , Volume 7, Book 62, Number 15:


Whenever Prophet Muhammad visited Abu Bakr house he made Aisha sit in his lap and played with her.

Prophet Muhammad: “…Now a Muslim can marry even a day old infant girl.”

It’s all good. Chill out.

I think it’s time we all exhibit a little bit of religious tolerance.  America was founded on freedom of religion and, who are we to judge that our way is better since America has teen pregnancy too!  Besides,”all religions have extremists!

UPDATE: John Hawkins makes some excellent points that must be checked out.

There are a few things that I, as a conservative, believe about culture.

1) All cultures are not equal.
2) American culture, despite its flaws, is the best of them.
3) When other people come here to live, they need to drop their old culture and adopt ours.

Many people, particularly liberals, don’t believe those things. Instead, they believe that,

1) All cultures are equal.
2) Despite #1, American culture is inferior to those in most other countries.
3) When people come to our country, they should retain as much as possible of their old culture.


Now, let’s take those two sets of beliefs and run them through a real world filter, shall we?

Here’s what Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric believes. He undoubtedly speaks for tens, if not hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world, some of whom will be emigrating to this country,

“Ten-year-old girls are ready for marriage, according to Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric.Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, the country’s grand mufti, told Al Hayat newspaper that those saying ten or 12-year-old girls are too young to marry are being ‘unfair’ to them.

…Responding to a question about parents who force their underage daughters to marry, the mufti said: ‘We hear a lot about the marriage of underage girls in the media, and we should know that Islamic law has not brought injustice to women.’

The mufti said a good upbringing will make a girl capable of carrying out her duties as a wife and that those who say women should not marry before the age of 25 are following a ‘bad path’.

‘Our mothers and before them, our grandmothers, married when they were barely 12,’ said Al Sheikh, according to the Al-Hayat newspaper.”

So, if Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh and his adherents — or the large percentage of people across the world who believe similarly odious things — come to the United States, do you want the conservative or the liberal approach to culture in place?

A Rare Trip To The Dark Side. Happy Ashura To Everyone!

9 01 2009

A little jaunt around the globe on this lovely holiday which reminds us all how precious life is.

Mideast Lebanon Ashoura

Mideast Bahrain Shiite Holiday

Mideast Lebanon Ashoura


APTOPIX Mideast Lebanon Ashoura


I got this all from the New York Times.


Of course it could not be brought to you without Atlas.

She’s been documenting the current state of the “enraged Muslim street,” which extends well into Europe.  Now the above pictures aren’t from Europe, but I have a used-up country to sell you, if you the think they aren’t symptomatic of the same disease that has: Danes telling Jews not to enroll in school, American synagogues under attack, European boycotts on Jewish businesses, Jewish Basketball teams fleeing the court in fear; Protesters in Toronto shouting “Hitler didn’t do a good enough job;” And Jews being violently hunted across Europe, especially in Britain…Which by the way, all just happened, THIS WEEK!!!

I’ll leave you with some quaint pictures from America…also taken this week.




Thank you again and again Atlas!

That Old Lovable “Jews Are Apes And Pigs” Canard

4 01 2009


The USA refuses to utilize propaganda nowadays.  In the past, it was used to dehumanize Japanese and Germans and make the USA seem more appealing to Russians.  But now, other than Obama campaign slogans and posters, we view it all as evil.

I blame Bush.  And wtf, liberalism too.

The Muslim world is riddled with conspiracy theories and mysticism. Images of Jews as apes, fortified by Koranic verses that say the exact same, are extremely powerful in dehumanizing Jews and rallying destitute Muslims, who would usually just be killing each other, mutilating women, eradicating homosexuality, and sitting around smoking tobacco.

So when you look at the above picture, and imagine the pulse of the crowd, remember it’s not a joke that the Jew is represented by an ape.  Consider another lost generation of Muslim children who will forever hate Jews because of terrifying images like this…well, and because of the Quran.

By the way, the lovely picture was taken in Obama’s Jakarta.  And they hate Jews there because?

The Quran.

UPDATE: Atlas has pictures of the Muslims that have taken over Europe chanting “Jews to the gas.”

I need two CCs of Leftism telling me that, “Christianity is just as threatening and all religions have extremists” STAT!

Jimmah Carter Stoked To Meet Hezbollah. Really Hopes They Wanna See Him Too…

10 12 2008

The worst former President in American history was widely criticized in April when he met in Syria with the exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal.

Now the Jew-hater who wrote an entire book proclaiming “apartheid in Israel,” is ready to meet with more Islamic supremacists in countries with no Jewish populations, that also won’t let anyone into their countries if their passport has been stamped by Israel.

Carter sounded like a submissive, needy, beyotch when he said, “I am going to meet with all of the political parties as possible. I understand that several leaders of Hezbollah said they were not going to meet with any president or former president of the United States, so I don’t know yet.”

Aww Jimmy!  We really hope you hear back from ’em too but remember to wait the standard two days before you try calling them again or you’ll look desperate.

Somebody should tell the stumblin’ bumblin’ former President, that being an official party shouldn’t automatically garner any respect and that the Nazis were a political party.  A national socialist party.

UPDATE: Carter was too into them, Hezb-allah isn’t interested now.

Taxpayers Fund Clean Up Of Somali Bomber. Fetch Remains For Funeral At MN Cemetary

10 12 2008

The only person at the “traditional” funeral with enough courage to discuss the issue, was a community activist who, waxed liberal when he lamented that the homicide bomber was, “a victim, not a criminal.”

Reported earlier: Popular Twin Cities Barber Blows Up In Somalia.

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