High-Stakes Bluff: Called. Raised! Cheney Wants Less Secrets Than Dems!?

24 04 2009

By now, you know Obama released some Bush memos (and photos?) regarding harsh interrogation methods, and boy do they sound horrific.  Maybe you have even been forced to confront these shocking techniques if you’ve come across liberal protesters water-boarding each other in the middle of the street…


Which, of course proves it’s not torture.

But, this is the “healing” portion of the Obama regime and “he won,” so let’s hear him out.

A sudden reversal and refocus on the last 8 years as the nation is clandestinely transformed, boils down to; neutering and threatening American combatants while simultaneously soothing and aiding enemy combatants undocumented malcontents.

In other words, every whiny, bitchass, jihadi in Tunisia and Jordan now knows our tactics and can prepare for them.  Meanwhile, American servicepeople are justifiably afraid they’re going to have their lives ruined in the public arena for defending their country.

Good idea idiot! You really are, first and foremost, a “citizen of the world!”

Seriously though, if this confession means that America will stop turning peace-loving, Muslims into terrorists, and that all future Islamic terrorism can be solely caused by the Koran, then we’ll have returned to September 10th and who doesn’t want that?

Smart Democrats should be disheartened because this was such an obvious pitfall for the Obama Administration.

Luckily, for those with a sense of humor, instant karma arrived in no time as Dick Cheney is now, more squarely positioned in the, “investigate Bush war crimes” camp, than the lying disgrace, Nancy Pelosi, who denies knowing about “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

That’s because in typical fashion, Obama only released the classified info about the tactics used by Americans, not the resulting intel, which was significant .

Here’s my Mick Dundee, “that’s not a knife, that’s a knife” moment, fortified by Oddee.com’s post last month about real torture devices.


OMG!! That man is being tortured by liberals!


My B.O. Dump. Constipated No More!

24 02 2009

Ok look, admittedly, Obama played a big role in the inception of OOTB.  His election, motivated me to create something instead of just reading and emailing worthy links.  However, I never wanted it to become a monotonous arena which only fielded an Obama bashfest.

From comments and reader emails, it’s pretty clear a lot of different types of homies are in the OOTB audience, including Obama voters.  I intend to keep it that way by continuing to point to an array of topics,  my favorite being the ones which clearly display the pervasive sickness of modern liberalism, a mental disorder that often renders “Onion” spoofs believable and mundane.

So, I must explain that the lack of recent posts isn’t stemming from a dearth of relevant news stories, but rather an inundation.  Simply put, I’m overwhelmed, and it’s by design. The speed and voracity of Obama’s change is not only blowing my mind, it’s depressing me.  I just can’t keep up, and if a wonk can’t keep up, what is everybody else supposed to do?

It should come as no surprise, really.  The man was the most liberal member of the Senate even though he didn’t do anything there but skip votes and run for president.  Opponents were lambasted as McCarthyites for judging him by his friends, something every parent rightfully does with their children.  And of equal importance, the philosophy of overwhelming the system to confuse the masses and institute rapid and sweeping change is undoubtedly near and dear to his heart.

Remember, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

Bush didn’t even say that, and people explain the entire War on Terror on a similar premise, yet as we’ve said, no one will accuse Obama of cherry-picking or utilizing the sitch for personal missions.

We’ve already discussed Obama’s endless “politikol kapital.”  We showed you his alarmingly aggressive 1st week in office which saw him pass more executive orders than the previous seven combined presidents.  We’ve endured shocking levels of corruption, lack of vetting, poor judgment and a cabinet chock full of lobbyists.  We took note that his radical nominees simply disappeared…from Socialist websites. And, we also posted his consolidation of power in rendering the census, a W.H. jurisdiction. We’ll add all that to the consideration, but omit it from the following updates.

It’s crucial to remember that we were told the worldly and intellectual Obama would restore alliances and help America in her foreign and domestic pursuits.

The opposite is happening.

Literally each one of these could become its own post.

Kyrgyzstan announced in Moscow that the U.S. air base in Manas, an absolutely crucial NATO conduit into Afghanistan, will be closed in spite of previous commitments to President Bush.

Pakistan released the AQ Khan, a scientist who helped Pakistan develop a nuclear weapon and allegedly leaked atomic secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya.

Obama privately supports “sharia law for peace” deal with the Taliban in Pakistan.

The Norks are threatening a nuke test after recently backing away.

The Euros are threatening a trade war over, “buy American” clauses in the “Stimulus” bill.

Europe ignores Obama’s demands for more troops in Afghanistan.

Obama has infuriated many Brits by refusing to keep the bust of Winston Churchill in the White House.

Yemen, the proposed home of a new rehab center for Gitmo victims, released 170 terrorists.

Al-Qaeda’s leader in Yemen claims the organization possesses nuclear weapons.

Obama humiliated America on Arab TV, ended sanctions on Iran and subsequently Ahmadinejad said he “welcomes the kind of change U.S. President Barack Obama offered.”  Strange! So do liberals!

Obama has waived sanctions on Syria.

Iran launched a satellite into space

Iran carried out computer tests on its Bushehr nuclear power plant in preparation for its launch.

Obama’s State Department said that Hugo Chavez’s president-for-life referendum, was “for the most part … a process that was fully consistent with democratic process.”

Obama’s participation would be disgusting enough, but the deliberate silence at, “Israel is racist” and holocaust denials at the rabidly anti-Semitic Durban conference planning sessions is sickening. Even Italy and Britain are threatening a boycott.

Obama quietly restored Samantha Power to his inner circle. She has questioned the Jewish Lobby and many think she has called for US troops in Israel to enforce peace with Palestinians, while subscribing to the anti-Semitic, “Walt-Mearsheimer” theory.

And his new Intel (spy) Chief, Chas Freeman Jr., blames Jews for the Jihad, and has published a “vicious anti-Israel” journal through an Arab lobbyist group which he was president of.

Obama cut military spending and directed defense officials to sign a pledge stating that they will not share the 2010 budget with individuals outside the federal government…transparently shady!

Obama has awarded Hamas another $900Mil.

On the homefront, things are equally depressing.

Fearmongering and straight up lies are being used to pressure American’s into the disastrous “stimulus” bill which unlike the War in Iraq, is hasty and unilateral.

Many are worried about the hidden Socialist health care portions of the new “stimulus” bill.

Obama was negligent to the plight of a frozen, starving, Kentucky.  Failed to utilize FEMA even after the state’s entire Nat’l guard was called up. Maybe cuz it’s not a “chocolate city.”

Six federal camps are on the horizon as H.R. 645 moves forward and Obama’s “civilian nat’l security force” takes shape.

Obama plans to resettle 100k Iraqis in America and thousands of PalestiniansWhat could go wrong?

Obama’s race-obsessed, clearly incapable, AG called American” a nation of cowards.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to act for the first time to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases…so try not to exhale.

Obama secretly shut down his Bush’s system for reviewing regulations and realigned and expanded two key White House policymaking bodies.

Obama secretly backtracked from campaign pledges to small businesses by removing quotations (without update) from his website, a trend bloggers noticed long ago.

Obama has not commented on the purported $550Bil electronic run on banks on September 11th, that was seemingly accidentally leaked by Rep. Paul Kanjorski, D-Pa., in a CSPAN interview.

Some things are reassuring for Jihad-wary conservatives like these stories:


But as I take solace in the realistic stances Obama has suddenly taken on national defense, will mainstream liberals notice that his word is completely useless?

Finally, most of these disasters have occurred in the last week or ten days.  We’re a month into this thing.  The trajectory is down right frightening.

There’s more, of course…and you know I’ll deliver when it’s time.

Martyred Hamas Bunny To F*** Like A Rabbit In Jihad Heaven.

6 01 2009


Hamas reported today that one of their best brainwashing tools has been injured by an Israeli bomb.  The adorable creature hopped on the scene a few years back when he ate Jews on daytime Palestinian TV.

So much for Cookie Monster and The Count huh?

Now, as a Muslim martyr, he’ll be treated to 72 virgin bunnies for eternity.

I mean, how ridiculous is that!

What’s he gonna do with virgin rabbits in the hereafter that he couldn’t have done with the much acclaimed, super-slut bunnies of today?

Ugh! Isn’t that just like the Jooooos to kill a rabbit so he has to get action from a bunch of inexperienced, prude females bunnies!

Of course, this type of profound sickness will never be found in corporate media.  For that would show the savage Palestinians for what they are.

Palestinian Protesters Make SF Look Like 3rd World Dump

4 01 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As you notice the fashionable “peace scarves,” consider that the Muslim Brotherhood has now called for “maximum Jihad” and that a local Somali friend just told me that he knows of Minneapolis Somalis headed to, “Palestine” to meet their maker.

Ellison’s Hajj Funded By Unsavory Types

20 12 2008

In this case, “unsavory types” means the indicted, terrorist enabling, Muslim Brotherhood.

Basically, the Jihad paid for him to go, and “forget he’s an American.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Muslim Democrat to argue on behalf of gays or women to the largely bigoted Islamic world.

As reported at Powerline:

Ellison’s relationship with the Muslim American Society of Minnesota should be troubling. The MAS Minnesota stands at the center of many of the religiously inspired controversies that have roiled the Twin Cities. It was the MAS Minnesota’s own fatwa, for example, that prompted Muslim taxi drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to refuse to transport passengers carrying liquor or accompanied by guide dogs. It is the MAS Minnesota that houses the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, the Muslim charter school operating in violation of the First Amendment. (Both of these stories were broken by my friend Katherine Kersten in her discontinued Star Tribune column.)

The Muslim American Society that is the parent of MAS Minnesota is a story in itself. The MAS was founded as the American offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is the radical Islamist organization that originated in Egypt that has put down roots in Europe and elsewhere. See Lorenz Vidino’s excellent Middle East Quaterly essay on the MAS’s efforts to Islamize Europe and Daniel Pipes’s discussion of the MAS’s American efforts.

Then, Powerline channels OutOfTheBlu

Keith Ellison embodies the American left’s weird alliance with radical Islam. How Ellison reconciles his Islamic faith with the Democratic Party’s devout belief in homosexual rights, leftist feminism, abortion rights and every other element of the party’s most radical agenda is a subject that the Minnesota media have somehow left unexplored, along with several others raised by Mitch Anderson in his two Star Tribune puff pieces on Ellison’s Hajj.

Taxpayers Fund Clean Up Of Somali Bomber. Fetch Remains For Funeral At MN Cemetary

10 12 2008

The only person at the “traditional” funeral with enough courage to discuss the issue, was a community activist who, waxed liberal when he lamented that the homicide bomber was, “a victim, not a criminal.”

Reported earlier: Popular Twin Cities Barber Blows Up In Somalia.

More and good at Powerline

Busta Rhymes. Pillar Of Freedom Against Radical Islam?

4 12 2008

Busta Rhymes can really “Fire it up.”  He’s been “Breakin’ ya necks” for over a decade, but homey ain’t really sayin’, “Gimme some mo'” right now!  You know what I’m sayin’?

DJ’s is are getting suspended and death threats are flyin’ over Busta Rhymes’ new track, “Arab Money.” Sadly, he meant it as a compliment but you know those jihadis are sensitive little beyotches.  Truthfully we’re just happy he didn’t say anything about Jewish money.  You feel us?

So “What’s it gonna be” Busta?  You got yourself in a “Dangerous” situation, kid.  The Muslims have told you to freeze and “Put your hands where my eyes can see” or they’re going to, “Lite ya ass on fire.”

We say you can’t ignore it or submit to them.  You might as well “Touch it” and go Flipmode on they a$$.  “Woo Haa” Bussah Bust! Welcome to the team!