Arabs Finally Adopting Equal Gender Rights?

12 06 2009

Jerusalem Post says:

A Palestinian family has killed its 15-year-old son in the West Bank after accusing him of “collaboration” with Israel.


Israeli Girls Help You Celebrate Israel’s Independence Day!

29 04 2009

Atlas has a round-up for Israel’s 61st! is catering our party here at OutOfTheBlu.  They’re a delightful website that focuses on the types of talents which, “can’t be taught.”

They made my post with this day: “15 of the Hottest Women From Israel,” and got bonus points for simultaneously offending 600 million Muslims, plus or minus a few hundred million.

Meet a chosen few here, and click the link for the rest:

Moran Atias

moran-atias1Liraz Marziano

liraz_marzianoShelly Hazan


Yael Bar Zohar


Adi Himelbloy

adi_himelbloySivan Krispin


Um, Wow.

Thank you  Thank you Israel and thank you G-d.

The Only Thing That’s Refined In Europe Is Jew-Hatred

11 02 2009

A continent that has a history of violence, racism, intolerance, and ineptitude…and we seek to “restore” old alliances and mimic them.

Here’s the results of a study that was completed last month which sought to determine the severity of anti-Semitism in Europe:

Nearly a third of Europeans polled blame Jews for the global economic meltdown.

74% of Spaniards believe the Jews hold too much sway in the global financial markets.

2/3 of Spaniards believe Jews are more loyal to their homeland, Israel, than the countries they live in.

No doubt, the manifestations of the hoaxbook, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are behind this.elders_of_zion_protocols

Related: “An Arab in Arab, Alabama,”

HotAir’s Allahpundit points to, “an academic version of NBC’s NASCAR stunt from a few years ago, (which was designed to show how racist America is).  (Racebaiters) went looking for prejudice in the erroneously named Arab, Alabama— and darned if they didn’t find it.”

This short vid is worth a view.  The southerners handle themselves with class and dignity, shocking Muslim academics and liberals worldwide.

That Old Lovable “Jews Are Apes And Pigs” Canard

4 01 2009


The USA refuses to utilize propaganda nowadays.  In the past, it was used to dehumanize Japanese and Germans and make the USA seem more appealing to Russians.  But now, other than Obama campaign slogans and posters, we view it all as evil.

I blame Bush.  And wtf, liberalism too.

The Muslim world is riddled with conspiracy theories and mysticism. Images of Jews as apes, fortified by Koranic verses that say the exact same, are extremely powerful in dehumanizing Jews and rallying destitute Muslims, who would usually just be killing each other, mutilating women, eradicating homosexuality, and sitting around smoking tobacco.

So when you look at the above picture, and imagine the pulse of the crowd, remember it’s not a joke that the Jew is represented by an ape.  Consider another lost generation of Muslim children who will forever hate Jews because of terrifying images like this…well, and because of the Quran.

By the way, the lovely picture was taken in Obama’s Jakarta.  And they hate Jews there because?

The Quran.

UPDATE: Atlas has pictures of the Muslims that have taken over Europe chanting “Jews to the gas.”

I need two CCs of Leftism telling me that, “Christianity is just as threatening and all religions have extremists” STAT!

Farrakhan: “These Satanic Jews Have Taken Over BET”

30 12 2008

One of Obama’s “neighbors,” the man who called the President-elect, “America’s blessing” is at it again with his virulent anti-Semitism.   Here’s the disgusting video at  Apparently those satanic Jews even stole black folks’ “hair product companies.”

Since we all know we can’t discuss whether Obama likes Farrakhan, we’ll leave questions of, what Farrakhan sees in Obama, aside.


“But you gonna take Denzell… One of our BRIGHTEST stars… That you gave an OSCAR to… NOT FOR THE MOVIE MALCOLM X [Editor’s Note: You mean that guy you helped kill?]… Not for the movie THE BONE COLLECTOR… Yoooooooouuuuuu gave him an Oscar for playing a corRUPted black policeman.  …You didn’t give Halle Berry an Oscar for her many wonderful roles… [Editor’s Note: …such as?] But you gave her an Oscar for her nasty little role with a white man.”

Bush; Friend And Defender Of Israel

2 12 2008

Bush to Olmert: “Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing?”

Olmert to Bush: “It’s not for nothing. It’s in exchange for a change in the region’s strategic alignment.”

Bush persisted: “Why should you believe him?” And to that, Olmert did not reply.

And yes, American Jews still hate Bush with everything they have.

Even Olmert Is Concerned. Begs Bush To Explain Israel To Obama

26 11 2008

Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert is no right winger.  Yet he is concerned about Israeli security under Obama, and thankful for Bush’s steadfast support. So much so, that he is pleading with the beleaguered lame duck to explain the special bond and unique security needs of Israel, to Obama.  Meanwhile 78% Jews, who voted for Obama, pleaded with President Bush to “eat $#*t and die.”