Bush; Friend And Defender Of Israel

2 12 2008

Bush to Olmert: “Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing?”

Olmert to Bush: “It’s not for nothing. It’s in exchange for a change in the region’s strategic alignment.”

Bush persisted: “Why should you believe him?” And to that, Olmert did not reply.

And yes, American Jews still hate Bush with everything they have.


Cherry-Picking Evidence Of The Financial Crisis

25 11 2008

We’ve all heard about Bush “cherry-picking” evidence so he could attack Iraq, be called a lying war-monger, and ultimately obliterate his own legacy.  I’d be thrilled to see the mainstream press publish some articles on politicians who are a little too excited to impose socialist stimulus plans.  I know.  Fat chance.

Is it wrong to think Obama, given his Alinsky training of “rubbing raw resentments of the people,” isn’t exactly devastated at the current state of economic collapse?  Come to think of it, is there a politician who could be more thrilled with the opportunity it provides?

Ok, so trying to be fair…If Bush was excited about 9/11 because he could line the pockets of his military-industrial buddies, and smash Hussein (Saddam) in the face.  Then what is Obama excited about?

Obama The Accomplished Duck Hunter

25 11 2008

The man who thinks civilian guns are only for hunting, has officially destroyed a struggling lame duck. Sarah Palin tried to be interviewed in front of the ongoing carnage, but Obama refused to provide a calm moment during his assault on the flailing fowl’s lair.

Maybe the NYT is right about Bush stepping down early as a gesture of “neighborliness.”

UPDATE: Chris Matthews and ABC agree with the NYT

Dick M. Pounds Bush

21 11 2008

Go ahead and slap my wrist.  That headline had to be written.  Don’t let it fool you.  This Dick and Ellen Morris article is dead serious.

“Will Obama govern from the left? He doesn’t have to.

George W. Bush has done all the heavy lifting for him. It was under Bush that the government basically took over as the chief stockholder of our financial institutions and under Bush that we ceded our financial controls to the European Union.

At the G-20 meeting, Bush agreed to subject the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and our other regulatory agencies to the supervision of a global entity that would critique its regulatory standards and demand changes if it felt they were necessary. Bush agreed to create a College of Supervisors.

According to The Washington Post, it would “examine the books of major financial institutions that operate across national borders so regulators could begin to have a more complete picture of banks’ operations.”

So, Bush is a “far right winger” and a “fascist who’s going to stay in office past his term” huh?

This type of behavior, all too common for Dubya of late, re-energizes the complete disdain I had for the man when I was running around Madison, Wisconsin yelling at Nader fans that they were going to help elect a President’s son, village idiot, chimp looking, drug addict, bit%&.

Mr. President, if you wanted to be a liberal, you could have done us all a huge favor and come out a long time ago.  Truthfully, if you were one of them, the left would have loved your war in Iraq and your crusade that freed oppressed women.  And really, who’s afraid of conservative anti-war protesters?  But it’s pretty clear you’re a beaten man who is looking for love in all the wrong places.  And a massive fool for wooing the world’s left.  You’re only proving them correct about your lack of leadership and wisdom.  Please Mr. Bush, don’t do anything else before you leave office.