I’ll See Your 8 Kids And Raise 76 More.

18 02 2009

Well, maybe raise isn’t the best word since he doesn’t even know all their names…

Meet Daad.  Daad Muhammad.  It’s even pronounced, “dad.”


The 60-year-old Muslim man has fathered  84 children with 17 different wives, and never falls short on his obligations of smashing his head into the rug 5 times a day!

To pray people, to pray!


He claims to have sex twice in the morning, and seven times in the evening, making us wonder why he didn’t choose the martyrdom path, which would have eternally bestowed upon him, 72 brown-eyed hunnies!

Daad divorces his wives when they are no longer fertile, which is better than killing them.

“I dont remember all the names of the kids actually but whenever I see the kid I do my best to remember the name, he added.”

Since they’re all probably named Muhammad, he’s likely kidding.  No pun intended!

Watch out John Edwards! Your, ‘father of the year’ award is in peril!

Sadly, Daad is only allowed four wives at one time under the UAEs polygamy rules, he says that that is not enough.

“Four is not even enough. If there is a way to have more than four then Ill go for it,” he said.

Daad wasn’t asked, but he presumably agrees with redefining marriage laws in the west, and then stoning all the gays.


England: Screwed Ten Ways Till Sunday

2 02 2009

Look at you…thinking six was more than enough!

New census data shows the Muslim population has ‘risen 10X faster than rest of society,’ and consistent polling suggests at least half of them want England to abide by Sharia Law.

3rdworldtrainThis train may or may not be headed to England, but does that really matter these days?

From TimesOnline

The Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in just four years, according to official research collated for The Times.  In the same period the number of Christians in the country fell by more than 2 million.  The biggest Christian population is among over-70s bracket, for Muslims it is the under-4s.

Wicked, bru!

Ceri Peach, Professor of Social Geography at Manchester University, said “the groups with the strongest belief in the family and cohesion are those such as the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. They have got extremely strong family values but it goes together with the sort of honour society and other kinds of attributes which people object to.”

For Democrats and others who can’t wade through moral equivalating mishmash, a little translation is in order.  When Peach says “honour society,” he specifically means the worldwide mass murder of Islam’s daughters by Zionist agents Muslim men and many readers will remember, 75% of Pakistani Britons are married to their 1st cousins!


Cheerio mates!

Gallop Poll Spotlights Dem Propaganda Aimed At Blacks

4 12 2008


Anybody else noticing a theme emerging here, that Democrat voters, by and large, have no idea why they’re Dems except for that they know they hate Republicans?  They’re so deeply embedded in liberal zombieland, that their response to our charge of their generic cluelessness would be that, “Republicans don’t know why they’re Republicans except for that they know they hate gays, blacks, all foreigners, and they wake up at 6am to screw us over.”

Look, I may be exceptionally hard on the current state of Liberalism, but besides Democrat party orchestrators and the media, I give the vast majority of liberals, the total benefit of doubt with regard to their intentions.

Why is this respect not mutual?  I believe it serves the same purpose that anti Japanese propaganda provided during WW2.  Dehumanization of Republicans.  Open minded consideration of conservative ideas and basic observations about life, tends to lead folks to conservatism.  Striving to eliminate the chance a person will even be able to entertain a non-liberal idea, the Democrats have concocted a cyclone of victim politics which literally excuses rage while providing a common enemy to blame it on.  Cookie-cutter this pathos to every public school and to every TV show and movie; in every publication and then in all higher learning centers where your intellectuals are; and as they say, “it goes viral.”

This is the only way in which so many people, the majority of the nation in fact, could have become so entirely dismissive and prejudiced towards the political party which espouses a majority of their own views?

Well done Dems!  Wherever did you learn such cool tricks?

Link to Gallop

UPDATE. Who else but Dennis Prager to provide “clarity?”

But acknowledging America’s historic injustice and debt to blacks doesn’t mean that whatever policy such acknowledgment leads to will necessarily help them…The second way in which race-based affirmative action injures blacks is that it perpetuates the racist myth that race is significant.  The notion that racial diversity is important is itself based on this racist idea. It confuses cultural diversity — a great asset to a university — with racial diversity. It tells the black student that the rest of us regard him first and foremost as black.  Third, affirmative action tells blacks that America is so racist that they cannot achieve anything significant without having rules bent on their behalf. This is a libel on America, and it is utterly dispiriting to blacks.