Cherry-Picking Evidence Of The Financial Crisis

25 11 2008

We’ve all heard about Bush “cherry-picking” evidence so he could attack Iraq, be called a lying war-monger, and ultimately obliterate his own legacy.  I’d be thrilled to see the mainstream press publish some articles on politicians who are a little too excited to impose socialist stimulus plans.  I know.  Fat chance.

Is it wrong to think Obama, given his Alinsky training of “rubbing raw resentments of the people,” isn’t exactly devastated at the current state of economic collapse?  Come to think of it, is there a politician who could be more thrilled with the opportunity it provides?

Ok, so trying to be fair…If Bush was excited about 9/11 because he could line the pockets of his military-industrial buddies, and smash Hussein (Saddam) in the face.  Then what is Obama excited about?


Out Damn’d Spot, Out Obama Says!

17 11 2008

Liberals have hatefully fear mongered maintained for years that the Bush Administration would mimic a police state by; manipulating the media, censoring negative information, bringing back the draft, persecuting dissenting voices, breaking campaign promises, infringing on the constitution, hiding relevant evidence any time it was convenient, and cherry picking irrelevant evidence to bolster its arguments.

Curious ironies are already being revealed by ‘Office of the President Elect,” who may easily surpass Bush for totalitarian maneuverings.  During the campaign, Obama routinely scrubbed his website without update, after and frequently exposed his anti-American connections and initiatives.

Today, National Review alerted us that they are on to his, “down the memory hole” ways and promised a full report soon.  Conversely, the “big, corporate” media promised a story about Dubya’s doomed legacy and Obama’s undershirt preferences.  And for their favor, received $139 Billion.