26 05 2009

UK’s Telegraph has a story about unintended consequences:

After the eight turbines were installed in the notoriously windy Penghu archipelago in the Taiwan Strait, a neighbouring farmer reported that his goats had started dying, Council of Agriculture inspection official Lu Ming-tseng said.

If the dead goats were drenched in petroleum or radiated by a nuke plant, you’d surely hear about it.  So click the link to see how liberalism is killing cute kids like this.

cute kid


Some Day We Might Have To Call It ‘Woodchuck Day’

2 02 2009
It’s true! Get the ACLU and CAIR together at a Democrat rally and anything is possible.
But for now, it’s still Groundhog Day!
Word is, this little guy’s first sight out the winter-coma, was the line-by-line account of the “stimulus plan.”
How did Groundhog Day start?
Groundhog Day has its origins in the tradition of Candlemas Day, an early Christian feast day commemorating the baptism of Jesus. According to an old European saying:
If Candlemas Day be dry and fair,
Half the winter’s to come and mair.
If Candlemas Day be wet and foul,
Half o’ winter’s gane at Yule.
Why a groundhog?
Pennsylvania’s earliest settlers recognized the groundhog as an intelligent and intuitive creature. They knew the groundhog (also referred to as woodchuck) would sensibly return to its burrow if the sun made a mid-winter appearance causing it to see its shadow.
groundhog_080202_msThis groundhawg, peering into your soul and plotting his revenge, learned how to make that face by perfectly mimicking his handler’s constant judging stare.