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26 03 2009

Last week we payed homage to PETA’s “sea kittens” when the now discontinued, “enemy combatants,” were redubbed, “undocumented malcontents.”

Well, once again liberalism has out-done us in trying its best to render  “The Onion’s” and OOTB’s political satire, mundane and believable.

Because they’ve insisted that our identity is racist at worst, and judgmental and insensitive at best, liberals have made our language (and culture) mean nothing.

When our language has no meaning, it can be molded to perform political tasks.

And so it is.

For instance, the “War on Terror” should now be referred to as, “Overseas Contingency Operation”

Charles at LGF explains because we’re not kidding…that’s really what BHO wants to call it:

I’m really not sorry to see the phrase “War on Terror” being retired by the Pentagon; it’s always seemed like a complete misnomer. You don’t fight a war against a tactic, you fight against people with an ideology. This battle would have been much better described as the “War on Militant Islam,” but our government is too hobbled by political correctness to ever be that direct and truthful.

Suddenly, “undocumented malcontents” seems like a reasonable suggestion.

Here’s some more leftist attempts to destroy the fabric of our society, from the past week or so:

Stop laughing. We’re still not kidding. And there’s more:

*This should come as no surprise since the California state senate passed a bill in 2006 which banned the words, “mom and dad” from school textbooks, so as not to “reflect adversely on anyone based on sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender.”

Hey it may be the land of confusion but, at least the President isn’t a walking identity crisis in an empty suit who purposefully sends mixed messages to all comers so they can project their beliefs unto him.

No…he knows exactly who he is on the inside.

obamainaugLink for the pic

Now that Capitalism Is Good Again…

25 01 2009

A few of the newest collectibles in this renewed, responsible America.


This Obama appears out of nowhere!


A new Inaugural Set of Topps cards?


obamabeaniesBeanies babies made Sasha and Malia and pissed off Michelle in the process,

obamadarthninjaObama fights Cheney with a concealed firearm?mi-barack-2

Laborers shoes…Great for throwing!

rundcMy favorite of the bunch.

barackkiss“I kiss Barack.”  That’s Mr. President to you little one!

baracklightBarack, (I think) sticks to your fridge and lights up the darkness.

obamatoyAnd other assorted toys…

any good reader finds?

UPDATE: A few others have been located.

obama-heroinNew Obama heroin, is being sold in DC and NYC.  Unrelated to Obama’s trip to warring Pakistan in 1981 when he used an Indonesian passport (probably because American non-Muslims were banned)

gc-dc-inauguration-black-cocaineAnd black cocaine was all the rage in DC for the inauguration...”when you could afford it,” Obama dismissively said.

This Country Is Not Ready For A Female President

7 12 2008


Meet President-elect, Barack Obama’s, classy chief speechwriter, 27-year-old Jon Favreau(left) as he dares to go where no man has gone before.  The lifted Facebook pictures illuminate the fact that men from all races can be sexist while not being racist, and that it will be very challenging for a Democrat woman to win the presidency.

UPDATE: Then again, maybe not.

UPDATE: Posted at Powerline;

If, for instance, President Bush’s former speechwriter Michael Gerson had been caught in flagrante cartone, he would have stepped down before the president could fire him. If not, the media, the feminist establishment and the Democratic Party leadership would have destroyed Mr. Gerson and Mr. Bush and crafted a “culture of harassment” umbrella descriptor to hang around the administration’s neck in perpetuity.

In GOP land, apologies and resignations are never enough….

Suddenly “Hussein” Comes In Handy

5 12 2008

The New York Times is reporting that Obama is considering a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital during his first 100 days in office and we simply can’t wait to see which thugocracy he opts to endorse with his presence.

Most importantly though, after all these months of being told that Obama is a Christian,  has never been Muslim, and that only racists invoke his name in a Muslim context; We’re a little confused as to what anybody thinks Muslims will see in him?  Also, what makes Obama think he has the gravitas to confront the ummah on their home turf.

Surely it can’t his name or anything in his life history.  Everyone knows that’s off limits!

Dirty Harry Reid Delighted Tourists Won’t Reek Of B.O.

2 12 2008

The Mormon Senate Majority Leader, a Democrat for those of you who voted for Obama, is a scoundrel and an elitist.  He must have thought this was pretty funny given that, he tried it on his staff, who told him to keep it to himself, and yet still blurted it out.  We like it because it doesn’t make a racist allusion to Obama’s Muslim name.

Update: Michelle Malkin took note…apparently he’s done this before too!

Obama Hires Another “Brilliant” Mortgage Criminal

26 11 2008

Robert Rubin is knee deep in Citibank junk loans.  Surprising they’d get together since Obama once sued CItibank to get more entrenched in the subprime market. Still we think he’ll fit right in.

Out Damn’d Spot, Out Obama Says!

17 11 2008

Liberals have hatefully fear mongered maintained for years that the Bush Administration would mimic a police state by; manipulating the media, censoring negative information, bringing back the draft, persecuting dissenting voices, breaking campaign promises, infringing on the constitution, hiding relevant evidence any time it was convenient, and cherry picking irrelevant evidence to bolster its arguments.

Curious ironies are already being revealed by ‘Office of the President Elect,” who may easily surpass Bush for totalitarian maneuverings.  During the campaign, Obama routinely scrubbed his website without update, after and frequently exposed his anti-American connections and initiatives.

Today, National Review alerted us that they are on to his, “down the memory hole” ways and promised a full report soon.  Conversely, the “big, corporate” media promised a story about Dubya’s doomed legacy and Obama’s undershirt preferences.  And for their favor, received $139 Billion.