Arabs Finally Adopting Equal Gender Rights?

12 06 2009

Jerusalem Post says:

A Palestinian family has killed its 15-year-old son in the West Bank after accusing him of “collaboration” with Israel.


I Beg Your Pardon, Mr. President.

4 06 2009

How did that sound guys? I was kinda gunning for an Olbermann effect.

Here’s the reason for the indignation:

Back on December 5th, OOTB linked to a NYT story that Obama would deliver a major speech from an Islamic capital. Knowing that Obama would never mention honor killings and gay stonings, or remind Muslims that American blood and treasure had been recently and frequently spent in their favor, I wasn’t planning on saying anything about it.

I was prepared for placating platitudes about our aggressions and their humiliations, our selfishness and their pain.  I was willing to go along for the ride in the attempt to, win hearts and minds by exaggerating the population of Muslims in America and down-playing our very obvious differences.

I didn’t even care if he credited Islam with the Renaissance (which he did).

In fact, I was totally willing to give Obama a shot at serving up some of his refined taqiyya to the throngs of non-drinkers.

But then he had to go and say this:

America’s strong bonds with Israel are well known. This bond is unbreakable. It is based upon cultural and historical ties, and the recognition that the aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied.

No.  A$$hole.

The aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in history, PERIOD.

It’s discussed in the Bible and fortified by archeological evidence.

Attributing the existence of a Jewish state to the infamous tragedies of the Jews, no matter how eloquently put, plays into the hands of the anti-Zionists who can henceforth relate the Holocaust to Palestinian suffering.

It is weak-minded and lazy moral relativism and I loathe it like nothing else.

  • It begs the question of, why Arabs pay the price for European/Russian crimes.
  • It validates the presumption that the Palestinians are native to the land, while perpetuating the notion of Jews as pathetic nomads.
  • It cheapens the word, “holocaust” to the degree that Muslims believe the Jews deserve a real holocaust for imposing one and faking another.  And ultimately, it does not address the issue that Islam is by nature, anti-Semitic.
  • It reinforces conspiracy theorizing eugenicists like Nazis and Nation of Islamers/Black Liberation Theos, that modern Jews are fake Jews who stole Judaism.

So thanks for nothing Mr. Prez.


Atlas, who informs us that the despicable “Muslim Brotherhood” invited Obama to Egypt, has a pretty extensive post about the speech and it’s worth a look. She also has interesting news about how Obama’s keeping us safe in her highly readable stories about Eric Holder giving special protection to Muslims in America, and Obama ordering law enforcement agencies to back off counterterror investigations of Muslim-American converts.

American Thinker has an interesting ditty about one of the Quran verses that Obama quoted and the convenient omission of the subsequent verse.

Ed Morrissey at was pleasantly surprised and has solid links!

Instapundit with a classic one-liner:

They told me that if I voted for McCain, we’d get a President whose speeches on Islam were praised at Hot Air and criticized at the HuffPo. And they were right!

The Daily Beast has a column that teaches you how to write your own Obama speech.  Check this excoriating **** OUT!

And here’s a nice video with instructions on how to properly boycott Israel should you desire, brought to you by, Islam in Action:

Chris Brown Should Move To Turkey

13 02 2009

After makin’ my girl, Rihanna scream “SOS,” young Chris ain’t neva gonna get “No air” in this market again.

“Hold up” Chris.  I’m talking, and you better listen or you gonna get “Throwed.”  You caused some “Damageto someone I love.

Even if she makes you check into “Rehab,” people will remember you puttin’ your hands on her “Forever.”

I don’t know what else we can do “With you.”  So, “Kiss kiss” and “Say goodbye” now C. Breezy.

Yo, excuse me” Chris I’m sorry, but Turkey is perfect for you.  This new study shows 40% of Turkish wives have been physically or sexually abused by their hubbys.

There, you can just demand, “Gimme that.”  And you can freely warn your property, “I’m gonna take you down,” when your subjugated woman tries to tell you that Turkey is a modern Muslim nation.

There, the Quran recognizes that you, the man, is “Superhuman.”  Well, really it just says that women are subhuman, but who’s counting?

In Turkey, you can “Run it” while you bang they heads from “Wall to wall.

Anyways fam,

“Shut up and drive.”

Islamic Turkey awaits.

UPDATE: Doesn’t make it ok, but the new rumor is that, RiRi gave Breezy, Jay Z’s herpes

Zionists Humiliate Arabs. Force Them To Dress As Nurses

5 01 2009


Actually, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that, Hamas operatives are in hospitals and have disguised themselves as nurses and doctors.

And we all know they’ll be absolutely devastated if a single patient is killed, now that they’re in harm’s way.

Next thing you know they’ll be disguising themselves as “citizen freedom fighters,” while pretending they’re worshiping at a mosque or studying at school!  All of which is acceptable under the Quran mandated, “taqiyya.”

For you English speakers who don’t have a terse, solitary word to define such madness, “taqiyya” is the, “Islamic principal of lying for the sake of Allah.”

See all religions are equal.

UPDATE: Atlas posts this pic and wonders,Why are there more photographers than medics?


Look at the vultures and the parasites …. and thats just the press.”

And from Atlas, fake corpses return!

Hamas, the only organization who brings their fighters, family, ambulance and a handy corpse or two to the fight.  “The film was screened to foreign reporters and later shown on Israeli television, causing considerable amusement among the TV commentators and journalists, since the “corpse” kept tumbling out of the blanket. (LINK HERE)
“One time he falls off the stretcher when he is already in a crowd,” Col. Eisen narrated. “When he came back to life in the middle of the crowd (at approximately 1:35 in the clip), the crowd breaks up because they didn’t know that it wasn’t really a corpse.” Israel Radio reported that many reporters laughed at the point in the tape that the “corpse” seemed to “rise from the dead,” causing the people around him to flee in terror.”

UPDATE: LGF has a large post of staged photos oozing out of Gaza.

Palestinian Protesters Make SF Look Like 3rd World Dump

4 01 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As you notice the fashionable “peace scarves,” consider that the Muslim Brotherhood has now called for “maximum Jihad” and that a local Somali friend just told me that he knows of Minneapolis Somalis headed to, “Palestine” to meet their maker.

Kill All Zee Juice?

2 01 2009


This genocidal idiot is in America.  Later, he probably lectured people on the next corner that Islam is peace.

Notice his buddy is trying to take the sign out of his hands and teach him how to properly spell “Jews.”

I’m left wondering why on earth you’d want to piss this guy off!


“My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely…CAMEL Humps?!”

26 12 2008


Camels will be fluttering their long eyelashes and swaying their giant humps in the Al Dhafrah Festival to celebrate Bedouin culture. As much as $40 million (AED) and 143 trucks will be given away.

Thousands of camels from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries have entered the beauty contest, where camels are assessed on strict criteria including the curvature of their ears, the size of their nose relative to the rest of the face and the fullness of hump.

Elsewhere in the Arab world: