Memorial Day 2009

25 05 2009

memorial2I started to write something about America’s fallen heroes and their families, but Great Satan’s Girlfriend had James Robbins as a guest writer today, and he provided the words that I struggled to find, amid my sorrowful appreciation for those far braver than me:

Few Americans are touched personally by the ongoing conflicts overseas.

They enjoy freedoms hard won and preserved by people they have, for the most part, never met; they are as unaware of the deaths of these people as they were of their lives.

For every name there is a story of dreams, of duty, of a life cut short.

Staff Sgt. Leroy O. Webster, 28, of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler J. Trahan, 22, of East Freetown, Mass.; and Staff Sgt. Esau I. De la Pena-Hernandez, 25, of La Puente, Calif., all gave their lives within the past few weeks to preserve our freedoms.

A society as blessed as ours – its people safe even while at war, prosperous even amidst economic crisis – needs to be reminded that such blessings come at a cost. Memorial Day is a time to remember, but it is more than that

Good men and women go off to war on our behalf, and some do not return.

On Memorial Day, we observe more than the fact that people died, but also how their deaths came to pass, and in what cause. We commemorate not just their sacrifice, but the context that gives meaning to both the fate they suffered and the lives they led.

We recognize the commitment to selfless service that brought them to a fateful day in an out-of-the-way place they had never heard of before they died there

Memorial Day is not simply about remembering our fallen; it is a day when we should fully and properly express our gratitude.

America owes them everything.

Instapundit has a link which provides some history behind Memorial Day




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