Will The Flu Last Long Enough To Bash Conservatives For It?

28 04 2009

I’m trying to get the jump on the most-likely-to-be used, liberal attempts to blame the Mexican Swine flu on America conservatives.

Here’s the OOTB Early Line:

  • American fat-asses drained the world of edible pork meat.
  • American corporations created an unfair market (think Walmart) on small farms across the world which only further eroded conditions on small farms.
  • American corporation’s pollution caused weak immune systems in pigs.
  • Wealthy Americans unaware of and partly responsible for destitute conditions nearby.
  • George Bush’s tough stance with Mexico shielded out health experts and community activists outreach directors from corresponding with Mexicans.
  • George Bush and other Christians politicized the scientists who wanted more anti-vaccines.
  • Republicans still don’t believe your grandfather was a monkey!
  • The republican American recession, hit Mexicans particularly hard because the amount of American dollars sent back to Mexico, by Mexicans in America was drastically reduced.
  • Illegal Immigration is racist, and this is no time to reevaluate some of the negative consequences it may or may not cause.   Look over there!
  • The Armed Forces could have been called to the border but they were all in Iraq.
  • America should have been more in-tune with Mexico’s socio-economic problems and lack of natural resources.
  • 46 million Americans do not have health care!!!


Reader submissions would be awesome.

UPDATE: Malkin already has a relevant post.




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