Will Anyone Catch It?

28 04 2009

The Open Borders crowd is awfully quiet huh?

Just wait until white people start calling it the Mexican Flu.

Truthfully, they’re just afraid hospitals might become more loaded with illegal aliens and college spring breakers, and Americans might start to question some other costs of our third-world southern neighbors who were on the brink of collapse before this potential mess even started.

I wouldn’t worry if I were them.

Recently, a liberal friend warned me about the dangers of global population and resource depletion.  He was nearly apocalyptic about oil, water, land, food…everything.  He insisted that Mother Nature was already rebelling and that the economic crisis was just another symptom.  He was really good at playing a Buddhist-type vibe that stressed the, “big picture” and the Butterfly Effect.

Just don’t ask him if American: schools, highways, hospitals, insurance claims, prisons or elections are affected whatsoever by illegal aliens.

But enough about liberalism as a mental disorder.  Let’s talk about how this conservative thinks we should follow Europe’s lead on this one!

From E. Eduardo Castillo, Associated Press Writer:

At Germany’s bustling Frankfurt Airport, people suspected of having the disease were examined before getting off planes, said the health minister for Hesse state, Juergen Banzer. The policy was in effect since Saturday at continental Europe’s second-busiest airport, after Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

Governments in Asia — with potent memories of SARS and avian flu outbreaks — heeded the warning amid global fears of a pandemic.

Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines dusted off thermal scanners used in the 2003 SARS crisis and were checking for signs of fever among passengers from North America. South Korea and Indonesia introduced similar screening.

In Malaysia, health workers in face masks took the temperatures of passengers as they arrived on a flight from Los Angeles.

Russia, Hong Kong and Taiwan said visitors returning from flu-affected areas with fevers would be quarantined.

Australian Health Minister Nicola Roxon said pilots on international flights would be required to file a report noting any flu-like symptoms among passengers before being allowed to land in Australia.

China said anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms within two weeks of arrival had to report to authorities.

India will start screening people arriving from Mexico, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Britain and France for flu-like symptoms, said Vineet Chawdhry, a top Health Ministry official. It also will contact people who have arrived from Mexico and other affected countries in the past 10 days to check for the symptoms, he said.

Meanwhile, America has done nothing to protect its citizens but at least we’re insulated from Mexico by Obamair.  And Obama is happy because he hasn’t had to offend the millions of illegal aliens who helped elect him and other Democrats.




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