High-Stakes Bluff: Called. Raised! Cheney Wants Less Secrets Than Dems!?

24 04 2009

By now, you know Obama released some Bush memos (and photos?) regarding harsh interrogation methods, and boy do they sound horrific.  Maybe you have even been forced to confront these shocking techniques if you’ve come across liberal protesters water-boarding each other in the middle of the street…


Which, of course proves it’s not torture.

But, this is the “healing” portion of the Obama regime and “he won,” so let’s hear him out.

A sudden reversal and refocus on the last 8 years as the nation is clandestinely transformed, boils down to; neutering and threatening American combatants while simultaneously soothing and aiding enemy combatants undocumented malcontents.

In other words, every whiny, bitchass, jihadi in Tunisia and Jordan now knows our tactics and can prepare for them.  Meanwhile, American servicepeople are justifiably afraid they’re going to have their lives ruined in the public arena for defending their country.

Good idea idiot! You really are, first and foremost, a “citizen of the world!”

Seriously though, if this confession means that America will stop turning peace-loving, Muslims into terrorists, and that all future Islamic terrorism can be solely caused by the Koran, then we’ll have returned to September 10th and who doesn’t want that?

Smart Democrats should be disheartened because this was such an obvious pitfall for the Obama Administration.

Luckily, for those with a sense of humor, instant karma arrived in no time as Dick Cheney is now, more squarely positioned in the, “investigate Bush war crimes” camp, than the lying disgrace, Nancy Pelosi, who denies knowing about “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

That’s because in typical fashion, Obama only released the classified info about the tactics used by Americans, not the resulting intel, which was significant .

Here’s my Mick Dundee, “that’s not a knife, that’s a knife” moment, fortified by Oddee.com’s post last month about real torture devices.


OMG!! That man is being tortured by liberals!




2 responses

24 04 2009

Am I the only one who cares to notice that we posted a goose egg over the past 8 years for “inevitable” major terrorist attacks on our cities? I don’t suppose the “enhanced interrogations” had anything to do with that. How about this, we give our malcontent captors 36 virgins and then promise them another 36 upon delivery of intel. Now if we can only find a mechanism to do that…I’m looking at you human cloning.

24 04 2009

no torture?? then the way i see adding some security to our forces is no more captives.
geez 8 years no attacks. do people think it was just luck??

can fix stupid.

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