Can The Brazilian President Become Obama’s Spiritual Mentor?

5 04 2009

NBC reports:

Brazil’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, blamed “white people with blue eyes” for the world economic crisis.

This, “blue-eyed devil” talk is right out of The Nation of Islam Black Liberation Theology which means Obama is going to worship this guy until he gets in trouble and then roll over him when the time is Wright right.

UPDATE: On cue, Obama says he “loves this guy” and calls him the, “most popular politician on earth.”




One response

5 04 2009

So the Pioneer Press featured an interesting article this Sunday.
Here’s the title “Job loss, ridicule over English skills may have fueled Binghamton gunman’s anger” Basically this viatnamese dude lost his job and got pissed, saying america sucks to a coworker. To top it off, he decided to use his “anger” to kill 13 people at the American Civic Association, which teaches English to immigrants and then commit suicide. But when I read the title and then the article, the phrasing leads you to come to this conclusion: If someone doesn’t speak english, you better not say anything or they might shoot you. Tolerance? Or being a pussy? I’ll let the liberals decide. How about this, if you want to move here, you need to speak english first before we let you in. Times are a-changin’ and the good ole melting pot theory is out-dated. There is no American culture. Sad. Unless you call moving here illegally and/or being raised to suck on Uncle Sam’s tits a culture, then Corporate America takes on a whole new meaning. How about a white guy with blue eyes murders 13 people, think that might be on the news?

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