Rappers Going Broke Even Though “The Man” Is Black And Not “Holding Them Down.”

29 03 2009

MediaTakeOut says Prodigy from Mobb Deep is getting foreclosed on and Mos Def is broke. Method Man has back taxes and fell victim to the repo man and there’s more, but whatever.

Make sure they sign their “Obama Loyalty Pledge” (must click link to atlas) and just get em some “Obama Money,” since all their rhymes are obsolete and they have nothing else to say that’s worthwhile.

Btw, the dispelling of a black prosperity ceiling is the best part of Obama’s Presidency.


*A friend who works at Wells Fargo tells me the folks have been calling up asking if they, “got that Obama Money.”


Thanks to reader TommyT




One response

5 08 2009
James choi

Oh wow, you are so ignorant its not even funny. Obama organizing an army? Bitch please. Haven’t you been keeping up with the news? Blackwater, pretty much a mercenary army killing muslims for a neo-christian cause. Look shit like that up instead of watching fox news, idiot.

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