Can Somebody Whip Up A New Prez With These Embryos?

10 03 2009

Obama says, “no cloning” and I might just beg to differ with him depending on how fast they can do it.

Seriously though, where does he gets off discriminating against clones and for that matter, admitting the existence of  moral implications?

Isn’t this, “above his pay grade?”

Eh, that was just politics and now even Muslims finally know Obama’s not a Muslim.

With a few other things going on in the world, there’s no time for a national discussion so it’s just another run of the mill, executive order from Obama.

This one makes it 17.  Seventeen in 33 business days.

No wonder he’s “exhausted.”

Remember when he told you he would “restore science to its rightful place,” trivializing the Bush administration’s stance, and anyone who agrees with them, in the middle of his inauguration?

Well, King Obama, manifestor of endless politikol kapital, says the majority of Americans want federal funding of embryonic stem cells.  He says we will use sound, scientific practice and evidence, instead of dogma.

And so, because politics no longer impacts science, he’s overturning Bush’s stance which led to monumental gains in non-embryonic stem cell research, and doing it his way…the non-political way.

Classic Obamaean maneuver.  So obvious he adores, “Rules for Radicals.” 

Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis would be proud.

By completely discounting his opponents’ beliefs (even when they’re backed by science), he “polarizes” their views into illegitimacy and obscurity.  Since the refuting science isn’t even considered, the opposition must be politically motivated.  Thus, the edict has been sent out and the script is flipped.

Good people who at least have honest agendas and concerns are rendered religious kooks who think grampa with Parkinson’s should just pass on, unmedicated, because it’s G-d’s will.

Yay. We conservative yokels are all Amish now! And in a few weeks when he orders Universal health care (literally for the entire Solar System), we’ll all be saying ….“if he (grandpa) dies, he dies.”

The fact is, a majority of Americans don’t know anything about the issue.  They mostly think Dubya outlawed all research, of all types, on a miracle drug that could have saved Christopher Reeve in time for the 2004 DNC.

I want to be clear.  I don’t know what to think about federal funding of embryonic stem cells, but I recognize this sword is double edged.

That being the responsible position to take, as stem cell inventor and scientist, James A. Thomson proved when he admitted, “if human embryonic stem cell research does not make you at least a little bit uncomfortable, you have not thought about it enough.”

Since embryonic stem cell research can be funded by the “greedy corporations” if it makes sense, and Obama is willing to flat out lie, I’m led to believe all the hoopla about federal funding of embryonic stem cells is really only about, desensitizing Americans to the destruction of human embryos for radical pro-abortionists like Obama and his minions.


I’m cool as long as it’s not about politics and there’s no earmarks in the “Stimulus.”

UPDATE: Coming soon to AmericaAustralians have been refused insurance protection because of their genetic make-up, researchers have shown in the first study in the world to provide proof of genetic discrimination.

UPDATE: Krauthammer’s new piece expands on mine beautifully.




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