Mr. Wolf Needed To Clean Up Spatter And Carnage

8 03 2009

Mr. Wolf is what’s known as a “cleaner.” In fact, he’s our favorite “cleaner.” He’s all about business.  When he’s thirty minutes away, he’ll be there in ten. He doesn’t guarantee results because he’s only called on, when Marvin gets shot in the face the ish is so thick, it stops the fan. He’s not here to say, “please.” He’s here to tell you what to do.

And, he drives real f^%&ing fast so keep up.


Now so you don’t fall behind for illustrative purposes, imagine that Mr. Wolf is really a computer geek who invented an amazingly cool networking program, which may or may not become profitable (and currently is not).

*And after taking that into consideration…I suppose he’s not really, “all about business,” meaning he’s not really much of a professional “cleaner”… and maybe you wouldn’t call on him at your worst moment.

But someone has called on Twitter CEO and founder, Evan Williams, in the midst of an unparalleled financial crisis.


An empty suit.

The naked emperor, Barack Obama.  Who’s currently paying the karmic price for a lifetime of fraud, embellishment, and job-jumpin’.

He’s desperate, confused, and doing real harm to America early and often.

Like Cramer said, “it’s amateur hour at our darkest moment.

Marketing Shift has more on the ridiculousness:

Ironically, Twitter is has enough of its own financial challenges to deal with.

Judging from Evan’s White House Tweet, he was perplexed by Obama’s invitation. He’s not sure what he’ll say when he arrives at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave.

“Going to the White House tomorrow for a meeting about the economy (which must mean they’re *really* out of ideas). What should I tell them?”

Williams left Google in 2004 to co-found Odeo, a podcasting company, and he eventually joined the team that launched Twitter in April, 2007.  Twitter’s evolution and growth during that time span is comparable to Obama’s remarkable rise in popularity en route to electoral victory.

However, as Williams told Charlie Rose earlier this week, Twitter is still undecided about the best path to monetization. “I appreciate Obama’s desire to seek economic council from outside sources, I’m just wondering why he chose the leader of a social network that has yet to generate a stream of revenue.”

Well, since Obama’s never run anything in his life, but now has trillions at his Leninist fingers, I actually feel pretty good about this Williams guy.  And sure, Twitter doesn’t really deal with money yet, but is it worth checking to see if Williams has any delinquent taxes, or would that be hasty?

Btw, you can follow OOTB on Twitter as well, under the same tag.

Here’s the egghead who’s gonna save us.

evanwilliams1At least he’s not groping a picture of Hillary.

Regarding Tim Geithner’s flailing folly fiesta, and the ramifications for Obama’s administration, Michelle Malkin has a roundup.  I’d say you’re not going to believe how bad it is, but that would be underestimating you:

For five weeks, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has battled the worst economic crisis in generations with no key deputies in place. That’s made for a rocky debut for the man President Barack Obama put in charge of addressing the financial crisis.

With an awkward first television appearance, a bank rescue plan that lacked promised specifics and two restructured bailouts that raised taxpayer risk, Geithner has failed to calm financial markets desperate for answers.

Critics say part of the problem is that Geithner is flying solo: Not one of his top 17 deputies has been named, let alone confirmed. And without senior leadership, lower-level Treasury employees can’t make decisions or represent the government in crucial conversations with banks and others.

Michelle adds:

So, he’s chasing after international tax avoiders by himself.

And now, the tax cheat is assailing oil and gas companies for taking advantage of tax loopholes. No wonder he can’t get anyone to staff up underneath him. Everything he does is a punchline.

And she links to the NYpost:

here was Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, boldly testifying Tuesday before Rep. Charlie Rangel’s Ways & Means Committee – promising that the Obama administration intends to propose “a series of legislative and enforcement measures to reduce . . . tax evasion and avoidance.”

Did he look Chairman Rangel in the eye when he said this?

Can he look himself in the eye at the shaving mirror each morning?

A crackdown on “tax evasion and avoidance”? Oh, the irony.




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9 03 2009

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