Axis’ Fears Confirmed: USA “Overcharging” Foes!

8 03 2009

Breitbart with the scoop that would be famous if it had been Reagan or Bush’s administration:

Russian media has been poking fun at US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she gave her Russian counterpart a “reset” button with an ironic misspelling.Clinton’s gift to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at their meeting in Geneva on Friday evening was meant to underscore the Obama administration’s readiness to “to press the reset button” in ties with Moscow.

But instead of the Russian word for “reset” (perezagruzka) it featured a slightly different word meaning “overcharged” (peregruzka).

Daily newspaper Kommersant put a prominent picture of the fake red button on its front page and declared: “Sergei Lavrov and Hillary Clinton pushed the wrong button.”

A correspondent for NTV television called it a “symbolic mistake,” pointing out that US-Russian ties had become overcharged in recent years due to discord over such issues as missile defence and last summer’s war in Georgia.

resetYes. This is two foreign policy gaffes in two days by the worldly administration that is “restoring” our relations abroad because of the xenophobic, anti-intellectual, rootin’-tootin’ Bush regime.

HotAir reader Tommy Christopher, quips:

And, is it really smart to give the Russians a red button to push?

Here’s the video link so you can watch the Russian point out the spelling error, causing the political pro, Hillary to cackle as if it were a joke and say, “well, we won’t let you (overcharge) us.”




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