Did Obama Almost Get AIDS?

5 03 2009

Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee, sent Obama a letter with his AIDS-blood dripped all over it, hoping to infect the president.

What an idiot!

Everyone knows the best way to give someone the hiv is through gay sex.

Now, because of racial profiling, many liberals refuse to believe that a black Muslim is behind this disgusting criminal act, insisting that it must be a white Christian man.

Saad Sad state of affairs!

Speaking of affairs, laughing stock and grocery store tabloid, “Globe” recycles old internet rumors about Obama, noting the very real disappearance of 3 gay men from Obama’s former church (that he occasionally chilled at, but didn’t listen much, other than the sermon about, “the audacity of hope”).


Think the MSM might have payed attention if 3 gay men vanished from Bush’s or J-Mac’s church?




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