Chris Brown Should Move To Turkey

13 02 2009

After makin’ my girl, Rihanna scream “SOS,” young Chris ain’t neva gonna get “No air” in this market again.

“Hold up” Chris.  I’m talking, and you better listen or you gonna get “Throwed.”  You caused some “Damageto someone I love.

Even if she makes you check into “Rehab,” people will remember you puttin’ your hands on her “Forever.”

I don’t know what else we can do “With you.”  So, “Kiss kiss” and “Say goodbye” now C. Breezy.

Yo, excuse me” Chris I’m sorry, but Turkey is perfect for you.  This new study shows 40% of Turkish wives have been physically or sexually abused by their hubbys.

There, you can just demand, “Gimme that.”  And you can freely warn your property, “I’m gonna take you down,” when your subjugated woman tries to tell you that Turkey is a modern Muslim nation.

There, the Quran recognizes that you, the man, is “Superhuman.”  Well, really it just says that women are subhuman, but who’s counting?

In Turkey, you can “Run it” while you bang they heads from “Wall to wall.

Anyways fam,

“Shut up and drive.”

Islamic Turkey awaits.

UPDATE: Doesn’t make it ok, but the new rumor is that, RiRi gave Breezy, Jay Z’s herpes



2 responses

18 03 2009

I dont know what this is talking about but, I have been to Turkey many times and its a very modern European country…

18 03 2009

40% of women are abused by their husbands in turkey. it’s a very modern muslim nation, not very modern by european standards.

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