Punked Obama Retreats From ‘Buy American’ After Stimulus Bill Fails ‘Global Test.’

4 02 2009

Anyone else shocked that even now, in 2009 when America has inaugurated a multicultured intellectual, that the EU’s foremost concern is the, EU?

Ok…so, two weeks have passed and not only did we see several high level appointees display their conservative hatred for taxes, and the global community try their hand at dominating the friendly new guy, but Obama himself has:

Is it too late to ask when the homies (Obama’s countrymen) get something from the grab-bag of change or is it all all for bureaucrats, Muslims, and Europeans?

It remains to be seen if Obama believes as so many liberals do, that Americans, by way their global citizenship, and in the name of utilitarianism, are better off with a muted America.



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