Zellweger Has “A Crush On The Extraordinary Mind, Jimmy Carter”

31 01 2009


Usually, I’ll use any old excuse to post about a beauty…

But, since Newsbusters highlighted Zellweger’s words about America’s worst President, and since she’s made my spine tingle for almost a decade because of  her drop-dead hideous, “oops-I-ate-a-whole-bag-of-sourpatchkids-all at once-face,” I figured I’d see if her disgusting grill and similarly puckered politics might somehow summon a shy reader or two to say something funny…just as an experiment.

UPDATED PIC: Sorry but I had to…here, we’ll put it above Milla…don’t want to leave anyone feeling sour as they proceed to read.


Crazy! Did you guys know she was in Dazed and Confused with Milla Jovovich?  Imdb says Renee was the girl in the blue pickup truck even though you couldn’t tell if she was smiling or about to sob.





2 responses

1 02 2009

dear gawd, look at that face…talk about bridget jones’s diarrhea, i think she just pooped ’em.
btw, why you hatin on your loyals?

1 02 2009

only love for them. only love…that’s why i wanna hear from em!

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