Obama’s New Law; Cites Women Earn 78% Of Men. Paid Women 78% Himself!

31 01 2009

From CNSNews.com

“While this bill bears her name, Lilly knows this story isn’t just about her,” Obama said. “It is a story of women across this country still earning just 78 cents for every $1 men earn, women of color even less, which means that today in the year 2009, countless women are still losing thousands of dollars in salary, income, and retirement savings over the course of a lifetime.”

Women who worked on Obama’s Senate staff last year, however, were themselves paid on average 78 cents for every dollar a man was paid, according to data last year from the Report of the Secretary of the Senate.

The data, analyzed by CNSNews.com, showed that in the period from Oct. 1, 2007, through March 31, 2008, Obama paid women on his Senate staff an annual average salary of $44,953.21. That was $12,472 less than the $57,425 average annual salary that then-Sen. Obama paid men. (See Previous Story)




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13 03 2009
Obama Knows 1st Hand. Women Aren’t Treated Equally « OutOfTheBlu

[…] Knows 1st Hand. Women Aren’t Treated Equally 12 03 2009 He knows because he’s paid them less than 4/5ths of what he’s paid men on his staff-coin…the same 78% that women earn compared to men-if you believe politicized liberal science […]

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