Black Designers Furious That Michelle Obama Wore An Asian’s Dress

26 01 2009

“In Women’s Wear Daily, Black Artists Association co-founder Amnau Eele said, “It’s one thing to look at the world without color but she had seven slots to wear designer clothes. Why wasn’t she wearing the clothes of a black designer? That was our moment.””

Amnau apparently thinks it was Martin Luther King’s “dream” that the first lady would judge her garments based on the color of the designer’s fabric skin.

Reap what you sew, race obsessed liberals.



One response

31 01 2009

I found the real story of what happened to Amnau Eele at WWD.
After reading the story by Washington Post writer and Huffington Post contributor Joyce Moore,
I am left wondering if Ms.Eele is sitting at the table ready to prove with her e-mail interviews that she never made those statements, then why is WWD not willing to come to that table and prove she made those comments?
I called WWD and they said no comments.
Wolfe Blitzer is asking the same question on CNN, during the “Situation Room’s”
” Black Designers Are Upset With First Lady Michelle Obama” segement.

What’s really tragic about all of this, is that a black woman that simply asked where are the black designers in the first lady’s closet at the White house?
and how do we encourage young black children too aspire to design, if there are no black designers as role models?
Got lynched by the media and bloggers all over the world, based on a story that was not fact checked in the Bernard Madoff era.
Did any one of you think maybe WWD saw a way to sell their paper in bad financial times?
The WWD writer is now famous and WWD sold out both days that Ms. Eele’s story ran.
I called WWD to buy extra copies and I was told they were sold out on both issues of the paper.

Support of black designers and black design students will provide jobs for people of all colors and maybe the black youth and many black males will be able to get jobs in design and retail, instead of selling drugs or going to jail as an option.
President Obama’s half brother was arrested for selling drugs as a poor black man in a poor African country, support of black designers and all designers in the retail industry can provide jobs for poor people like Mr. Obama all over the world , no matter their skin color.
Instead of selling drugs , I’d rather see Mr. Obama work for a black designer or consider design as a career instead of drug dealing.
I am white and I work for a black designer of jewelry, and without his designs , i would have no job and I couldn’t pay my rent.
J, Crew, Tracy Feith and Jason Wu are swimming in orders and cash from the first lady’s support, but not black designers..
No, ms. Eele was right!! Change came on Jan 20, 2009, but not for black designers.

here’s the interviews that i found on the internet:

I think “The Media Lynching” of Amnau Eele is going to be a large, but very sad story.
I’ve learned a lot from this poor woman’s sad story.

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