Anti-Semitism Exploding In Venezuela?

26 01 2009

But, why would Latinos have a dog in that fight?

Because they’re leftists.

And the leftists are willing to overlook a little subjugation of women and gays by bonding with Muslims, because they both hate America and the cute little canary in her coal mine (Jews).

UPDATE: Atlas’ coverage obviously takes the cake as she’s prompted again by the story of a vandalized synagogue.

Most frightening was a ‘plan of action’ published in a pro-government digital newspaper,, giving direction against Venezuela’s Jewish community which included:

– publicly denouncing by name, the members of powerful Jewish groups in Venezuela, names of their companies and businesses in order to boycott them

– avoiding products, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and where Kosher food is sold which either belongs or has links with ‘Zionist Jews’

– questioning the existence of Jewish educational institutions

– shouting pro-Palestine and anti-Israel slogans at Jews on the street

– inviting anti-Zionist Jews living in Venezuela to publicly express their disassociation from ‘Zionist war crimes’ and the imposition of artificial State of Israel on Palestine

– nationalization of companies, confiscation of properties of those Jews who support the Zionist atrocities of the Nazi-State of Israel, and donate this property to the Palestinian victims of today’s Holocaust

– sending all type of aid to Palestinians including weapons

– hacking pro-Zionist websites including governments or institutions that have relations with Israel

– organizing an international conference about the creation of the theocratic – Nazi state of Israel as a genocidal European colony, and about the myths and facts of the alleged Jewish Holocaust or Holohoax (a blackmailing industry)

– support the dissolution of the artificial State of Israel

Eh, no problem here! All political movements have extremists, right liberal Jews?


Evidence that vilifying and scapegoating Jews is primarily done by scum who have America in their sights.



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27 01 2009

what a shock!

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