Now that Capitalism Is Good Again…

25 01 2009

A few of the newest collectibles in this renewed, responsible America.


This Obama appears out of nowhere!


A new Inaugural Set of Topps cards?


obamabeaniesBeanies babies made Sasha and Malia and pissed off Michelle in the process,

obamadarthninjaObama fights Cheney with a concealed firearm?mi-barack-2

Laborers shoes…Great for throwing!

rundcMy favorite of the bunch.

barackkiss“I kiss Barack.”  That’s Mr. President to you little one!

baracklightBarack, (I think) sticks to your fridge and lights up the darkness.

obamatoyAnd other assorted toys…

any good reader finds?

UPDATE: A few others have been located.

obama-heroinNew Obama heroin, is being sold in DC and NYC.  Unrelated to Obama’s trip to warring Pakistan in 1981 when he used an Indonesian passport (probably because American non-Muslims were banned)

gc-dc-inauguration-black-cocaineAnd black cocaine was all the rage in DC for the inauguration...”when you could afford it,” Obama dismissively said.




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