Obama’s Politikol Kapital

22 01 2009

To me, and what do I know…but to me, executive orders seem like something a President should use as a last resort, not a first resort.

Instead, Obama’s audacious first days in office have shown him aggressively signing executive orders.  His assumed politikol kapital (TM) equals the total orders of the previous seven (7) Presidents combined.

Short attention spans numbed the Republican base, as early moderate appointees were appreciated.  However, many have since gone unnoticed.  Some have flat out disappeared.

Such is the genius of Obama.

He knows you’re all retarded.

So then, below is a video of some random racist economic dude (criminal Rangel is who’s pictured), saying he’s concerned that the new jobs and government funds will go to low skilled workers and black males which perpetuates the problem.

Disgusting right? Should be fired for such unconstitutional garbage?

You…punks, need to remember that the constitution is just a charter of negative liberties.

It turns out that racist man quoted above is Obama’s ecomonic advisor.  No, not the one that broke Citibank or the one that made 90Million at Fannie.  No, this is Robert Reich and actually, he’s saying that white men and high skilled workers shouldn’t get a piece of the hot bailout action.

How about this liberals…it’s EQUALLY disgusting and racist to speak like that at any point.




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24 02 2009
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10 03 2009
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