Liberals Change DC’s Mall Into Nuclear Winterland

22 01 2009

Seriously?  A liberal would say that I’m a Republican trying to expedite the rapture, and I know that conservatives may be a bit depressed, but doesn’t that kinda look like the apocalypse?

I watched millions 800,000 inauguration revelers celebrate and say a classy good-bye to Bush.  I listened to MSNBC’s “journalists” say that “everyone who wanted a flag for the first and last time in their lives got one.”

Then, with the conviction that Leonardo DiCaprio has for our great planet and all the equal nations on it, I wondered where these flags would end up.

Would the Republicans end up recycling them, like they did after 80,000 flags were wasted at the DNC?

Would the flags be properly disposed of?

Would the liberals take their flags to the next antiwar rally to be burned?

Or would fake patriot, fake eco-warrior liberals, simply leave them for someone else to clean up as long as it was the government or a corporation?

Either way, an evil rich person is funding the clean-up, and that’s the least they could do after 8 years of ease and favor.

How’s that new era of hope and responsibility going?




One response

22 01 2009
Mac G

The DNC story was bogus but anything Matt Drudge puts up on his site is 100 percent true so why should I try to change your mind?

All people should care about the planet, not just liberals but then again, you belong to a party full of science deniers so that should be no surprise.

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