If G-d Didn’t Want Us To Eat Animals, Why Are They Made Out Of Meat?

9 01 2009

PETA wants to call fish, “sea kittens,” in hopes that children will stop eating all that seafood that they’re so famous for loving.

The website, which you must check out, asks, “Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?”

Malkin has some hilarious readers who posit a few other changes to our diet.

My fellow sea kitten-eaters at Twitter share their new names for other favorite foods:

Pasture puppies: Steak.

Yard birdie parmesan: Chicken parmesan.

Tuna sea kitties. Tuna fish.

And another snort-worthy euphemism:

“Maybe we should rename rats tube puppies. Think how much nicer the NYC subways would be!”

I forget, is PETA liberal or conservative?




UPDATE: Colbert killed me when he joked that, “now that fish are called sea kittens, he’s really looking forward to devouring some delicious land fish.”





5 responses

11 01 2009

I work part time in a fish store
do you want fries with your order of fried sea kitten?

15 01 2009

ok ok ok. i make my living selling seaFOOD, ok, sea kittens.
so if we only kill the ugly ones and save the cute ones with faces and emotions and thought bubbles, i’m ok with it.

20 01 2009
The Rogue Jew

And why did me make them taste so darn good? Besides, eating the cows is doing our part to help the enviroment. Cow farts cause “Global Warming”, right? Well, I’m doing my fart, er I mean my part to help by eating all those cows one steak at a time, but I am simply one man…

21 01 2009
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26 03 2009
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