It’s 9am And Palestinians Are Launching Mortars From Gaza’s UN Elementary School

6 01 2009

But, thanks to liberalism’s moral relativism, all collateral damage is equal regardless of intent, even though intent is clearly recognized by our legal system.  Interesting that the Joooooos, who supposedly control mass media and Hollywood, never show these videos to explain why innocent Palestinians die.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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UPDATE: Israel hit the school and shockingly, no one in corporate media is telling the whole story!




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7 01 2009

These Hama’s guys are real cowards. They use Children as pawns. These barbarians are the lowest of the low. They kill their own children to justify thier own cause. If you think about it. These homicidal maniacs are killing off the next generation to fulfill their diabolical ignorance.

7 01 2009

whats grosser than gross is collecting women and children and put them in one house then the isreali army bomb them,lower than low is killing a pregnant women with four children in ahouse by the isreali army, lower than low is killing civlians and children and women from f-16and tanks, why cant the isreali army try to kill fighters not childrens because for one simple reason they are cowrds, and hde in the tanks and planes, so they take it on women and babies in schools, shame on you isreal,

7 01 2009

a week ago,they isreali army show avideo of fighters moving rockets , the army shota nd killed 8 peoples,one of them was a13 years old boy,later on the isreali fact finding mission find out it is a truck to move gas for civilians for house cooking use, come on ,,,,

7 01 2009
Alex- Wilkes-Barre

I’ve taken the pulse of my local drive-bys in semi-suburban America on this. Their sentiment is that when you launch rockets at a city, you get what you deserve. Speaking for myself as one who knows a little more than your average American drive-by: “Most of this destruction would be displaced by the presence of a Professional Soccer League.”

7 01 2009
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[…] – What Were They Thinking? UPDATE:  Watch the Watch the video; it tells the truth about the U.N. School – showing terrorists firing rockets from […]

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