That Old Lovable “Jews Are Apes And Pigs” Canard

4 01 2009


The USA refuses to utilize propaganda nowadays.  In the past, it was used to dehumanize Japanese and Germans and make the USA seem more appealing to Russians.  But now, other than Obama campaign slogans and posters, we view it all as evil.

I blame Bush.  And wtf, liberalism too.

The Muslim world is riddled with conspiracy theories and mysticism. Images of Jews as apes, fortified by Koranic verses that say the exact same, are extremely powerful in dehumanizing Jews and rallying destitute Muslims, who would usually just be killing each other, mutilating women, eradicating homosexuality, and sitting around smoking tobacco.

So when you look at the above picture, and imagine the pulse of the crowd, remember it’s not a joke that the Jew is represented by an ape.  Consider another lost generation of Muslim children who will forever hate Jews because of terrifying images like this…well, and because of the Quran.

By the way, the lovely picture was taken in Obama’s Jakarta.  And they hate Jews there because?

The Quran.

UPDATE: Atlas has pictures of the Muslims that have taken over Europe chanting “Jews to the gas.”

I need two CCs of Leftism telling me that, “Christianity is just as threatening and all religions have extremists” STAT!




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6 01 2009

Anyone blaming the jews for this is really stupid. They have been attack way to long by governments totally different than our lifestyle. I don’t like war but Israel has no choice.

Just imagine if SF was being hit by numerous rockets daily, from another country. What would you do? Point fingers or suck your thumb. (you probably will). Most people will want to first see if they can come up with an agreement that is good for all, but if your enemy doesn’t care or want to, then you have no choice but to defend yourself and defeat your enemy…

6 01 2009

read above

7 01 2009
9 01 2009

there are jews in southeast asia? Seriously have jakartans ever seen a jew that wasn’t on TV?

4 06 2009
I Beg Your Pardon, Mr. President. « OutOfTheBlu

[…] It cheapens the word, “holocaust” to the degree that Muslims believe the Jews deserve a real holocaust for imposing one and faking another.  And ultimately, it does not address the issue that Islam is by nature, anti-Semitic. […]

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