Sarah Palin Repeats ‘You Know’ 142 Times In Interview

30 12 2008

Now, she’s gonna be all over Saturday Night Live and get lambasted by every corporate media outlet.

Errr not.

In truth, it was Caroline Schlossberg Kennedy who in spite of these blunders, and no one knowing anything about her, garners at least the minimal respect of, not being labeled, “an idiot.”

It must be because she doesn’t have a Midwestern accent and she doesn’t moose hunt.

In related news; congratulations to Sarah Palin who recently graduated to GILF status with the arrival of her grandson.  Palin is the 2nd most admired woman in America behind Hillary Clinton in a new USA Today/Gallop Poll and her 2009 calendar is Amazon’s best selling office product.


As a side note, we’d like to tell everyone misogynist liberals to lay off Sarah Palin.  She didn’t put herself in the spotlight.  She was asked by a potential President for her service, and everyone knows she wasn’t a four year old girl living as a citizen in Jakarta when she decided the White House was her destiny (and not having a paper trail was the way to get there).

UPDATE: Palin was voted most desirable celebrity neighbor.

UPDATE: Video of Caroline Kennedy sounding like a moose-hunting, red state, bumbling idiot.




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