75% Of Pakistani Britons Are Married To Their First Cousins.

29 12 2008

100% of the Muslim inbreds are protesting Israel’s siege against genocidal Hamas, and none of them protested the terror attacks in Mumbai.


Also, it was just released that many of the victims, including the Rabbi and his wife were sexually mutilated by the Islamo-barbarians.

Interesting, I’ve always said that Jews and Muslims were cousins.


Nice scarf, lady.  I heard they’re all the rage in chilly socialite circles.

Link here.




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2 02 2009
England: Screwed Ten Ways Till Sunday « OutOfTheBlu

[…] For Democrats and others who can’t wade through moral equivalating mishmash, a little translation is in order.  When Peach says “honour society,” he specifically means the worldwide mass murder of Islam’s daughters by Zionist agents Muslim men and many readers will remember, 75% of Pakistani Britons are married to their 1st cousins! […]

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