Time Magazine: Obama Is “Man Of The Millennium”

19 12 2008

Then, ‘Time’ went and signed up to officially work for some guy named Joe Biden.

Look, of course he’s the man of the year and if that picture bothers you, you’re a racist.  Sorry, it’s just too much fun!  I won’t let liberals monopolize that kind of talk.

Now the accompanying article that lauds Obama as, “Obi-Wan Kenobi calm,” and yet “the opposite of flashy, the antithesis of rhetoric;” is a bit totally nauseating.  I swear these liberal writers are just auditioning for some imaginary, “Obama Election-Year Time Capsule,” so future historians will look back and see, “who was for or against The One, and who was prescient enough to appreciate his glory in the moment of his ascension?”

Regardless, this guy is the #1 hustla’ (affectionately). Maybe in the history of the world.


No matter how you slice it, the man is an absolute winner.  It’s my favorite part about him.  He mastered the ultimate heights of our system after mastering the underbelly of our system. While the rest of us got turned down for jobs because we “didn’t have experience,” Obama got job after job by using the experience of his interviews.   So, we must hope he employs his limitless talents  to restore America to it’s rightful status as the leader of the world.

It has yet to be seen however, if he agrees that’s where we belong, but it’s what we’re gunning hoping for.




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