Blacks Gain The Presidency, Lose A Senate Seat?

16 12 2008

“Bye bye, black Senate seat! The political blackbirds are singing a swan song for the hopes of keeping a U.S. Senate seat in African-American hands. White voters don’t and won’t accept the idea that America and Illinois need — and deserve — a black senator. (When the Senate was all white, they never complained). Black folks need The Big O to endorse the concept of keeping the seat. That’s not going to happen.”

Thank you liberalism for this grotesque display of identity politics and proving November 4th was an affirmative action election.

Aren’t liberals the ones who constantly decry the “wedge politics” of Karl Rove and Repubs?  Didn’t they loathe the idea of inciting voters to go to the polls by emphasizing our differences and playing games with demographics?  Then again, the article in the Sun-Times really doesn’t want voters involved with this one, they want the seat appointed.


We’re considering starting a list of minorities with grievances who “deserve” to be President, “if this country is ready.

On our preliminary run, we rated the need for a “little person” or, midget, neck and neck (so to speak) with an Italian and an Eskimo.  Jews, Indians, and bisexual female readers are encouraged to submit ideas.

If all goes well, we can allocate the occupant of Oval Office until 2040.

MLK Jr. is rolling in his grave where “content of character” has been laid to rest near his family plot.



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