Another Amazing Technology That Just Isn’t Good Enough

12 12 2008

Sheesh, even though we harnessed the power of the universe by splitting the atom, liberals hate it because of Hiroshima and Chernobyl.  They incessantly demand an even newer, even cleaner, energy source, and we’ve got to have it now, or the planet is going to melt down!  Why don’t they concentrate on improving the techs we already have?

They’re sick.

Forget America’s vast oil deposits, all nuclear options, and don’t you dare try to tell them coal can burn clean!

Wait.  That would mean not reporting this amazing coal technology.

Now, that can be done!

Longer review here, if you promise to keep it out of newspapers and schools.



One response

22 12 2008
Obama’s Energy Sec. “Trying To Figure Out A Way To Boost Gas Prices” « OutOfTheBlue

[…] Chu must not read OutOfTheBlu, otherwise, he would have heard about this amazing coal technology. […]

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