MSNBC: “Obama Comes Off As What He Is, Good Government Guy.”

11 12 2008

Good news!

Corporate mass media has thoroughly researched it, and unanimously exonerated Obama from any and all ties to Blogajevich after Obama said he knew nothing on the subject matter. I guess Obama never even went to the Capitol building in Illinois.

Basically, even centuries-old Chicago style politics, are repelled by Obama’s overall Teflon goodness, or that’s what Joan Walsh on MSNBC says.

Chris Matthews piled on Walsh’s nauseating adulation, with a completely disingenuous segue, blaming one-party dominance and the need for competition….in government.

Side note:

These people seriously do not understand that government encroachment doesn’t foster competition, absence of government does.

Where else than in nature, is competition’s unbridled rule, more evident?  Liberals worship Darwin.  How is this over their heads?  Naturally, mankind competes, and so therefore, open markets can maximize competition and allow for progress.

Liberals still believe politicians who say, “hi I’m from the gov’t and I’m here to help.”  And they have manifested their fantastical hopes for a benevolent monarchist in Obama, the “good government guy.”

A man from in Chicago hasn’t garnered this much loyalty since Chris Farley and George Wendt did Ditka.

UPDATE: Howard Fineman channels OutOfTheBlu and declares Obama hermetically sealed from Blago-gate.




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16 01 2009
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[…] is used to hide devastating information about liberals who are adorned by the masses, as “good government guys.”  Not only that, but Browner stands to invent and enforce policy based on liberal junk […]

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