Obama Promises America. Tom Brokaw Will Not Catch Him Smoking. In The White House.

9 12 2008

When he gets that cute little head tilt, dude is about to act slick.  We won’t catch him smoking doesn’t mean he won’t smoke.

Now I absolutely hate cigarettes, but I really don’t care too much if Obama is powerless over them and sends a bad message to millions of kids who just finally realized they can become president.

Either way, I’m pretty sure he smokes because he’s really debonair and worldly.  Cigarettes are still huge in Europe and Indonesia and that’s key.   Or it could be that he used to really do a lot of drugs. We know he would have partied like Rick James if he could have afforded it.

While we’re on the topic, the world’s dustiest stash was just found in a grave in the Gobi Desert. The highly refined strain was 2700yrs old.

In Zimbabwe, a 20$ bag, or “dub sack” would now cost about 200million dollars in their currency. Give or take a few 10million or so.




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9 12 2008

Hmm, and Joe Camel got such a bad rap in the 90’s for being the source of all children smoking. “The FTC later alleged that these situations were designed specifically go lure younger children like 14-year-olds to smoke. In the 1990’s the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection remarked “Joe Camel has become as recognizable to kids as Mickey Mouse.” (http://everything2.com/e2node/Joe%2520Camel)

If only they would bring back the Joe Camel campaign, possibly smoking in a hot club sitting next to Obama. Remind me to get in touch with R.J. Reynolds.

16 12 2008
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19 01 2009
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